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Justin Bieber

He's Allowed to Assault People

... Says Record Producer/Landlord

3/22/2014 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's hijinks -- getting arresting for DUI, egging a house and assaulting people -- are simply what 19-year-olds do ... so says the record mogul who's renting his ATL house to the singer.

Dallas Austin was catching a flight Friday night from New York to Atlanta -- he says to check out the mansion -- but insists he's not worried.

You gotta hear Austin's logic and how he dismisses the egging and other stuff.

ATL neighbors, brace yourselves.  Justin's landlord has just given his yoke of a blessing


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**** Beiber

183 days ago


Really? All 19 year olds?? I didn't do any of that when I was 19. I was no angel, but I didn't do the 3 things your claiming all 19 year olds do.

183 days ago


I'm 19, my mom would literally burst into my classes and drag my but to the military way or even worse to my grandmother (hardcore primp and proper English lady) before I get in this much trouble. And I don't even wan to think about what my dad would do.

183 days ago

Yu Lee    

Now you gotta hear TMZ logic --- Justin can assault people, but TMZ can kill them (figuratively) by destroying their reputation they effectively "KILL WITH THE PEN"

183 days ago

Yu Lee    

TMZ's extremely provocative website has Un-nerved a lot of people --- so we expect TMZ boss Harvey Levine to have at least one bodyguard! Wouldn't Harvey's bodyguard ASSAULT an approaching dangerous aggressive person? Harvey you're the world's biggest hypocrite!

183 days ago

Yu Lee    

those are not innocent photographers, they're bullying provocative paparazzi and Yes you can assault even kill somebody in self defence, we saw a recent high-profile court case of this!

183 days ago


Like many other people - I am SICK of this stupid excuse for acting like an imbecile and making reckless, idiotic choices ... and THEN have a bunch of other IDIOTS run to their defense saying it is OKAY to break the law and do STUPID THINGS ... just because you are 18, 19 ... etc.
NEW FLASH ... the majority of young people in this age group have NEVER done these kind of moronic things - and never will.
IT IS CALLED having character and integrity - and KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG.

182 days ago

WhenTheBeatDrops εїз     

Deny it all you want, whatever helps you sleep at night. But you all made Justin the person he is today insecure and confused. Society killed the teenager. It's sad to see such a beautiful talented human being destroyed for shallow hypocritical reasons. Society ridiculed him from the start of his career back in '09 and just continued on with it. If any of you thought he'd be okay after 6 years of ridiculing then smh. Justin's not the problem the close minded ignoramuses are they're the ones destroying society. If Justin is to get deported it needs to be do to his actions not because a bunch of envious brain washed people who disliked/despised him from the start want him out. Everyone makes mistakes remember that. Hate solves absolutely nothing it just creates more drama. If society left Justin alone he wouldn't be the person he is today, he could actually be the guy he wants to be...who he was before he became desperate to be accepted. His personal life issues, relationships that is none of anyone's busy unless he decided to share it. Celebrities deserve privacy to. One of the big things wrong with society is judging others without knowing their story/the truth. The phrase jealously is a bitch explains why over half his haters are guys, take notice how they attack his appearance every chance they get.

182 days ago


Ummm...I didn't act like that when I was 19.

I was in college and lived under my parents roof on school breaks.

And my parents would have beat my a@#.

182 days ago


People say they have never egged a house and never gotten drunk or experimented with drugs at 19. That's a complete lie, because if you hadn't then what did you do at 19? All you people on here are hypocrites. Ps. If you were not doing any if not all of these things then your a straight up loser!!

181 days ago
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