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I Knocked Myself Out on LED Screen

Walking to the Stage

3/22/2014 12:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0322_tiesto_gettyTiesto -- one of the most popular DJ's on the planet -- was rushed to a hospital Friday night in San Jose ... after he hit his head on the giant TV screen above his turntables.

Tiesto was supposed to play a show last night in San Jose ... but whacked his head on the LED as he made his way to the stage -- and went down HARD!

According to reports, the DJ tried to play his set anyway -- but management said no.

Tiesto updated his fans a few hours later saying he got a a couple stitches and doctors said he suffered a concussion.

For now, he's gotta stay off his feet for a few days ... meaning his set at a concert in L.A. tonight is cancelled.

Sorry EDM kids.



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This is for all you ignorant little idiots out there acting like anyone can do what he does and dj's are not performers... my question to YOU,yeah YOU dumbass.. Can you dj? Can you do it professionally? Can you do it for a crowd of 50000 people? Could you entertain that crowd for 4 to 6 hours? No? Then shut your ass up...

181 days ago


awww...poor guy...i didn't know it was possible to be too injured to hit a button and play someone else's music

181 days ago


Those concerts are basically for a lot of people to get together and use Molly. Not bashing it, but call it what it is. I used Molly/ecstasy 10 years ago. Never understood the draw. My first time I took two and a half tabs. Gave a friend half and he was f**ked up. He was shocked I wasn't. I felt high, but nothing to good.

181 days ago


I can remember back in the old rave days :))) He was great I'd still go see him . I'm sue it wld be still be one hell of a party lol

181 days ago


never heard of him

181 days ago


And I thought his shows were not entertaining.

181 days ago



181 days ago


I producd and Dj and reading these "djs only hit the play button"comments makes you stupid, sorry but if you so called pro's can push a play button much better than he does then why is it him making millions and not you ? Do some proper research before talking smack about something.

181 days ago

Long ya    

Zedd filled in for Tiesto at the palladium tonight, so it was a win for everyone! Plus afrojack & lil jon were still there...

181 days ago


Tiesto was the closing act at Electric bouce house in San Jose(I went). As soon as he got on the stage, he hit head and left. And no one covered for him -_- which is bs

181 days ago


Those who have no clue as to what d js do. You think they just push a button right.well you need an education .

A dj takes a song and is able to make it speed up or slow down to mix the next beat in flawlessly. Can you do that? No!
A dj must read a crowd and find out what they like to dance to and keep it going for hours.when did you last. Are two people happy at the same time for hours?

A dj is an entertainer and yest they take a set song and add spins to it to make it interesting for their is a skill that needs plenty of practice so you morons that think it's just hitting a button should consider other career options like pruning might make the cut with that.
Ties to is great because he worked hard to get there. Or do you think he just got lucky? Probably because you can't think much.

181 days ago

Duke Steele    

Boo hoo hoo. I hit my widdle head. Now I can't play other peoples prerecorded music. Maybe this hit on the head will uncover some talent that I don't have. Nevermind, thats not going to happen

180 days ago


Everyone on here saying "all djs do is push a button" has no clue at all. It's really more about the music you are playing and the order you play it in. I guarantee any of you couldn't hold a dance floor for more than 5 minutes, let alone entertain thousands. You should try it sometime so you can see just how delusional you are.

180 days ago
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