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Justin Bieber

Tatted Up

at 40,000 Feet

3/23/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0321_justin_bieber_tattoo_launch_v2Justin Bieber has joined a very exclusive mile-high club that does not involving banging ... but it does involve body parts and a little prick.

It's true ... TMZ has learned Bieber got fresh ink on a flight to Canada just five days after his infamous Miami Beach arrest. The new tat was done by New York City tattoo artist Bang Bang, who has tatted up the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and many other big celebs.

Bang Bang tells TMZ the work was done at 40,000 feet (which he thinks might be a record for highest altitude tattoo) and during terrible turbulence. He called it "the most difficult tattoo I’ve ever done for sure."

In case you're wondering ... a rep for the FAA tells TMZ there is nothing illegal about getting a tattoo aboard a plane, as long as it doesn't interfere with the safety of passengers and crew.

As for the significance of the tattoos ... Bang Bang says Bieber sent him a text afterward, explaining, "Forgiveness is powerful, forgive as Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins."

Or strike a plea bargain. Whichever works best.


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Um he looks like a 13yr old boy. I don't get this??

150 days ago


Nice tat!!!! Justin hates when he goes to McD's for a Big Mac & Fries & they McSqueeze the fry container so he only gets half an order of fries. Bieber is warning all his fans about this McScam. Next time it happens to you, make sure you confront the McEmployee! Tell them to fill your fries without squeezing the container! JB actually found out that this trick is taught to McEmployees during their McTraining!!!

150 days ago


Whatever punk. You don't act like a Christian so don't be quoting Jesus.

150 days ago


thats the just the name of his tattoest.

150 days ago


Hope that when he gets his labia tatted, the airplane has flight 370 Turbulence.

150 days ago


TMZ calls that a chest. ha ha

150 days ago


Why is it that all these idiots go out professing a faith to make them holier than someone else? Justine, my little flower girl, you are no more a christian than I am a millionaire. Justine, the sizzurp delivery guy wants to know if you want your drugs delivered to Atlanta now that you blessed us with your absence in California. And by the way, after seeing these pathetic photos of your torso I now KNOW that all your other photos are air-brushed. Eat a sandwich girlie!

150 days ago


Someone should tell Justin Bieber that Forgiveness is NOT an escape route for bad behaviour.

150 days ago


Damn yall stay hating on this *****.. yall must be geting paid by tmz to do that ****.. sheesh!

150 days ago

boo boo    

Autoclave on the plane? Doubt it. Have fun with your hepatitis B & C!

150 days ago


I wonder if his boyfriend lil za and lil twist got matching tattoos Awh.

150 days ago


Please note: Why is it that idiots like him or people in jail or rehab always find God while others pray daily for God to come into their lives. I am not a God guy but WTF is that.

150 days ago


Justin Bieber is geting money while yall haters just sit behind yall computers and talk **** about him.. I mean do you really think he cares what yall say about him ?

150 days ago


Talent or no talent, love him or hate him, BIEBER sells.
His entertainment competitors and colleagues always speak of him.
BIEBER is in the news, around the world, every day of the year.
Add the brand name BIEBER to anything and everyone will
read what is reported and have something to say about it.
His hundreds of millions of Media Hounds, Haters and Beliebers
are keeping Justin Bieber relevant, on the front page and wealthy.
He knows this and he uses it, every day, to his advantage.
I bet he even gets paid royalties every time his name is used.
Some say he is worth $150 million. I bet its ten time that much.
This is one smart guy, so FORBES says anyways. Gotta love it! LOL

150 days ago


And the dumb get dumber

150 days ago
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