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Judge Joe Brown

They Tried to Keep Me Behind Bars ...


3/25/2014 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Joe Brown is still hopping mad about being arrested Monday and now tells TMZ he thinks the judge who tossed him behind bars conspired to try and keep him there longer.

In case you missed it ... Brown was tossed in the slammer in Memphis on Monday after having a meltdown in court. Brown, who is still a practicing lawyer, was there to represent his client in a child support hearing (that becomes relevant shortly).

TMZ spoke with Brown this morning and he still claims the fact he is running for D.A. of Shelby County played a role in how he was treated.

He also claims the magistrate helped to "falsify documents" so it would read that he was jailed for child support violations instead of contempt ... an attempt to keep him behind bars longer.

Brown made it through his three hours in jail unscathed -- he says he signed autographs and saw a few former clients (not a good sign for his lawyering skills) but avoided the food. 

Wise choice.


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In his brief visit, I bet he did more good than all of his shows combined. Everything happens for a reason and JJB was just where he was supposed to be. If you want to teach someone you must be willing to go (although it may not have been your exact plans to go there, at that time). If the good people of this world dont go, who will teach and what will the others teach? Evil produces evil, GOOD produces GOOD.

127 days ago

she's nothing but a    

That would have been me, that wookie would have gotten him a nice beatdown with a baton.

Arrogant wookie thinks he's entitled to special treatment. FOOK HIM!

127 days ago


He will blame it racism, but we all know the real truth he is just an arrogant media hound.

127 days ago

Bel-Air Brat    

This man ABUSED me when we date! He is HORRIBLE! Didn't go to police to avoid getting laughed out of the station! His is a Judge! I would have never been believed!

127 days ago

Bel-Air Brat    

This man ABUSED me when we date! He is HORRIBLE! Didn't go to police to avoid getting laughed out of the station! His is a Judge! I would have never been believed!

127 days ago


Is he kidding! This is really a matter of respecting another person and fellow judge who worked just as hard as he did. He deserves the same amount of professional courtesy that Judge Joe expects in his court room. He says he is going to court in SUPPORT of the person in the custody case. He was not his/her lawyer or acting in any official capacity so his role as a judge had no bearing on him being there, talking to the judge that way and what he could or couldn't be charged with. Aren't we all tired of big name people acting like they deserve special treatment? These people walk around like they are better than everyone and thinking the rules (in this case the laws) don't apply to them. He walks into another judge's court room demanding the case he chose be heard right then. His Big Ego doesn't even allow him to see that he interrupted a normal person like us (who had a court issue and was put on the docket for that day and time: by the way) court appearance because Judge Joe feels he is a real PC (privileged character). He never says excuse me to the person or may I have a minute with you YOUR HONOR, which is what he expects in his TV court room. He could have been very calm and asked to have a few minutes with the judge when he finished the current case. He also could have sent a note with the bailiff to the judge requesting a few minutes in chambers. He knows court room decorum and the judge most likely would have met with him as a courtesy. Instead he disrespects another judge in his own court room and throws a fit over a case that the other man can't possibly help him with because Judge Joe never told him what/who he is even talking about. He barged in barking about how he is a Big Bad Judge and the other judge has no right to treat him that way. Yet he thinks he has the right/power to come in and take over and run the room. He is asked to sit down by the judge in charge in a respectful way and he blows a gasket. If any other person walked into any other court room and did this all sorts of charges would be brought against them. The wrath of God would reign down on us. None of us could do that and get away with it. He rants that this "Judge" doesn't have the power to hold him in contempt. What he forgets is he only mentioned the person he was supposedly came to court to support. The rest of his rant is all about him and his superiority. He is met with a VERY PATIENT judge in my opinion who never raised his voice to Judge Joe, he simply tells him his case is to be heard on April 24th at a certain time. I feel the other judge was professional and polite to him. He could have ordered the officers to cuff him and drag him away to jail as soon as he interrupted the court room. He didn't do this even when Joe questions his credentials as a judge and Joe tries to BULLY the guy by saying his other buddy judges won't let the contempt charges stand. He rants and raves like a BRAT having a temper tantrum all the way out of the court room and even tells the other judge he is going to report him and in an interview he gave after he was released, he even implies the judge in the courtroom will not be a judge there much longer. He calls the court a circus that needs changing and he is the man to do it. Does this sound like a man posturing for a new position in the court system. sure sounds like it. I find this to be very sad because I actually found him to be respectable and now it looks like he is just like the other celebrity that act out. I am disappointed (not that he cares) that all the respect that I had for him is gone. We don't need more bullies in the DA's office they seem to be full already.

127 days ago


Well Judge, welcome to the receiving end of the your world.

127 days ago


TMZ? OMG! THESE COMMENTS ARE BORDERLINE JERRY SPRINGER-ISH. Incomplete sentences, ramblings of a middle school drop out... I'm just flabbergasted 😜 wow... but any way keep up the good work, I've been watching you since day one 😍

127 days ago


the audio does not lie, he was in contempt of court and should be disbarred

127 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

So young man, it says here that you spent some time in jail.
It says here that you want to be elected as D.A...

126 days ago


He stands up for what he believes in. Doesn't change my opinion of him. I would want him to represent me if the need be. I wish him all the best.

126 days ago

william barbour    

No more po-chops for the old judge.

126 days ago

Irene Windsor    

He is married and was in a bar with 3-4 scantily clad girls hanging on him. I know his conttract was czasnceled for tv then. Hes a fake

126 days ago


Whooaaa !!! I listened to the tape and just WHOA !!

I've been in a courtroom some 300+ times testifying professionally. Each and EVERY Judge that I testified in front of would have done the SAME THING and tossed him in jail for CONTEMPT.....

IF you have a "problem" there are protocols set in place to address those problems and RANTING AT
a Judge is just NOT on that list of protocols.

AND......RE: the statement from the article:
" and saw a few former clients (not a good sign for his lawyering skills) ".

The fact that he saw a few former clients is NOT indicative of "not a good sign for his lawyering skills".......

It IS Indicative of "repeat offenders".....and obviously his lawyering skills got them "off" the first go round
thus enabling them to repeat "offenses" at a later

126 days ago


all this guy wanted to do was make a show of how talented he thinks he is.............please, talk about an arogant snob, feel stupid for liking this guy........for the way he acted in court (particularly being a judge himself) he should have been in jail for at least 3 days for contempt

126 days ago
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