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Debbie Rowe


I'm Not Engaged

3/28/2014 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe Engaged
We just got off the phone with Debbie Rowe ... who stopped laughing long enough to tell us the story out that she's engaged is "ridiculous and not true."

E! just ran a story saying Rowe is engaged to former Michael Jackson confidante/former gay porn producer Marc Schaffel, noting the big ring on her finger.

Rowe -- who was married to Michael Jackson -- tells us they're "just friends" and have been friends for years but they are "absolutely, positively not engaged."

Hey, when you're with MJ ... you never go back.


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Guys, is it an incredibly slow news day that you have to post about a woman that's only known as the incubator, cash cow for MJ's kids ? I still don't understand why you seem so smitten with this woman, you do realize that the incredibly wealthy, and talented Lisa Marie Presley was also married to MJ? At least Lisa Marie can sing, hasn't squandered her father's money on booze and drugs, made a mockery and ashamed her father's memory and has mostly stayed under the radar by raising four children (note, SHE RAISED THEM and didn't have to sell them for a profit). Maybe you should ask Lisa Marie why she never conceived with MJ even though she knew he wanted children with her, BADLY!!!

172 days ago


Wanna have some fun, TMZ? How about narrowing down exactly when Micheal became a JUNKIE. Oh ya, that would be right around the time that he and Lisa Marie were married, right? That's right, because if you idiots plugged in your brains you would realize that Lisa Marie did an interview, LONG BEFORE it was known to the rest of the world that Jackson was a Junkie and Lisa simply stated, towards the end of her marriage it was like DEFCON 4. Well now, Lisa's father, THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL, was a junkie, he died sitting on a toilet from a ****tail of drugs. SHE LOST HER FATHER to drugs. You don't think that Lisa found out Micheal was abusing drugs and freaked out that her own husband was following in the footsteps of her father? That would be more interesting than reading about the HUMAN INCUBATOR that sold her babies for millions of dollars. TMZ, SHE SOLD HER KIDS FOR THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. She also signed an agreement that said she had to WALK AWAY. Who the FCUK as a mother does that with the babies you conceived, carried and gave birth too? She was married to Jackson, she had two kids, SUPPOSEDLY with him, you don't think once the marriage was dissolved that she would've received Alimony and Child Support? SHE SOLD those babies for a profit so she'd be set for life, even after they turn 18, she's still making money. I don't blame Prince for not wanting a relationship with this money hungry bitch, the fact that Paris connected with her, and then a whole shyteload of photos appeared, thanks to Rowe about how they were connecting and NOW, nothing in the photo department, gee, why is that? I'll bet poor Paris figured out her womb provider hasn't changed, she'll do anything, like the rest of the family to make a dollar off those kids. Debbie Rowe, Hell has a special place for you, it's called Dante's NINTH LEVEL with Judas Iscariot.

172 days ago


Why would anyone admit to being friends with this filth peddler?

172 days ago


My goodness, where did Michael Jackson find all these sleazoids? Debbie Rowe, Arnie Klein, this porn director, etc., etc., etc. They all must have lived under the biggest rock ever. Then again, MJ was a drug addicted pedophile, so he probably attracted these low lifes like a magnet. S*** and people living on the criminal edges attract their own kind. Michael Jackson sure had a lot of crooks and creepy people as friends.

172 days ago


Go**amn, that Debbie Rowe is handsome with that chiseled jaw...and of course she hangs out with ANOTHER gay guy. She's obviously a hired beard.

172 days ago


Kind of sad, how she went for a Wacko Jacko look-alike.

172 days ago


Lol because she a lesbo. 👭

172 days ago


How in the world can that ENORMOUS TROLL show her face after SELLING HER CHILDREN to the highest bidding Pedo?

172 days ago


They are both scheming on how to get Paris Jackson's money...

172 days ago


What's a FAT-SLOB to do when Stomach Stapling, Lipo, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutra System FAILS YOU?

172 days ago


She is beneath contempt

172 days ago


Even if it was straight missionary position only, there would still be all kinds of weirdness involved in having sex with someone who may or may not have had any kind of sexual contact willingly with Michael Jackson. Plus the woman sold her children. Gross.

172 days ago


They should marry !!! They are perfect for each other !!

172 days ago


He was NO confidante, and in fact was fired when his background was revealed. Why She is around him still only she can explain. I sure wish people would get their facts straight before plastering crap all over the place. There is enough crap in the world. Michael was pure, sweet, and only loving. Anything you THINK you know about him, you probably don't...just too much bad info out there.

172 days ago
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