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Josh Elliott

I Wanted Out of "GMA" So Bad

I Took a Pay Cut!

4/1/2014 6:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Elliott Leaving GMA

Josh Elliott was so disgusted with ABC ... he took a pay cut of more than a million dollars ... multiple sources connected with both ABC and NBC tell TMZ.

Our sources say ABC offered Josh between $4 and $5 million to stay, but he chose NBC despite the fact that they offered him just over $3 million.

We're told Josh was at the point of no return when Robin Roberts signed a $14 million a year contract to anchor GMA.  He felt slighted by the ABC offer and just wanted out.

Sources say the feeling is mutual.  As one source put it, "He's definitely an abrasive guy."  Another source says, "People hated him.  He was always just rude."

And get this ... we're told just weeks ago Sr. VP of ABC News James Goldston confronted Amy Robach -- Josh's replacement on GMA -- and called her "toxic" because she created tension on the set.  Indeed, we're told Amy and Lara Spencer "hate" each other and can't hide their contempt.

Another source says Robin Roberts hasn't helped matters -- one person saying she acts like a "diva" on the set.

As for Josh's future ... our network sources say NBC did NOT promise Josh any role on "Today," but we're told there's no doubt he's got to the top of the heap as the likely successor to Matt Lauer.

Morning TV ... it's just like grade school, only all the students are really rich.


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Robin is a miracle and inspiration for all of us to admire. But, in my opinion, she is becoming to commercialized, over confident and a bit arrogant. The shooting star may be getting ready to start the burn-out and decent. GMA has gotten too noisy for me so early in the morning. I feel bad for George - a true professional, highly intelligent individual - in the middle of the sandbox.

184 days ago


Best news ever that pompous Josh left the show. I noticed today how nice it was not having him on. No matter whose story was running, he had to have the last word, always! He thought he was the star anchor. Let him go to NBC with the stick up his butt, Lauer who is dumb as a ton of bricks!

184 days ago


I work on GMA and the diva comment on Roberts is just BS. its not true at all. she happens to be the friendliest person ever and so is george, lara and amy. but the one thing that is true is that when josh first started he was a sports guy willing to do anything to get more money and face time. after the first month he changed and was just a pain in the ass to work with. he rude and very intimidating . the amy and lara thing its kinda of true , only because we think lara feels since josh is gone she is next, and amy will replace her too. but you can be sure of one thing the higher ups here at GMA are soooooo happy that bitch josh is not their problem anymore.

184 days ago


looks like a Mannequin

183 days ago

Marion Dorskind    

I never cared for Josh. I am not a fan of static delivery (constant hesitation between words.hIS CONSTANT MENTIONING OF HIS DAUGHTER. A GEORGE STEPHENOPOLIS HE IS NOT. GOODBY JOSH. LAURA IS NO BARGAIN EITHER. i PREFER AMY.VvERY PROFESSIONAL.

183 days ago


U can only tell that Josh Elliott THINKS he is God's gift to women which would make him WRONG and the biggest prick ever, but I guess this is what happens when u become the #1 morning show! FIGHTING AMONG EACH OTHER CUZ OF JEALOUSY, BACK STABBING TO GET AHEAD, AND GOSSIPING AMONG THIS SUPPOSED "FAMILY"!! #WhatHappenToAmerica

183 days ago


There is a little known secret that I discovered.....CBS This Morning! Great format....they report the news, no fluff bs....and Nora, Charlie and Gail seem to be genuinely nice....

Good bye GMA.....Hello CBS.....

183 days ago

Jay ears    

This Robin Roberts thing is way overdone. Lara Spencer is horrendous. Their all a bunch of prima donnas. With the exception of Stephanopoulos. How can anyone watch that garbage seriously. Millions. For reading off a monitor and making pigs of themselves on food segments. This is what corporate owned news offers the public. Robin. Please. Deal with your health issues in private.

183 days ago


Who is this guy?

183 days ago


I truly can't believe these type of shows are still on. They filled a need back in the day for more indepth coverage of topics and current news but now with the cable news shows these shows are so outdated and ridiculously boring I really don't know who their audience is!

183 days ago


I never liked Josh and I am so pleased to see Amy take his place. Lo ve her

183 days ago


Seems like a really nice guy and I'll miss him.

183 days ago


What news? I get so tired of the silly stuff and have to read the NEWS running across the bottom of the screen! I just turn the sound off and read!

183 days ago


I liked Josh , but his replacement (Amy) not so much. Robin is difficult for me to watch especially when she is all the show was about every day when she was sick. George I listen to for the news. He is the brains of the bunch and it appears that he does not go for the silly antics. The new weather girl either has a skirt up to her butt or a top that is cut down to her belly The females are busy too busy posing and positioning their legs to talk with any sense. What a mess GMA has turned into. Kinda funny to watch them all posture and try to out position the other. Poor George...he has to put up with all the divas now. I expect to see him soon leave.

183 days ago


He looks like pig

183 days ago
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