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LeBron James


I Got Yachts, Watches and RINGS!!!

4/1/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James Rap
LeBron James has finally recorded an entire RAP VERSE (and even laid down the hook) during a private studio session with a friend ... and TMZ Sports has the exclusive audio. 

'Bron and his childhood friend Sian Cotton hit up a recording studio in Ohio last summer and busted out a remix of the Jay Z club banger "F**kwithmeyouknowIgotit."

During the song, which LeBron and Cotton titled, "Kingdom" -- James raps about docking his yacht off the coast of France, having "money, cribs and whips" ... and most importantly owning TWO NBA CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!

We spoke to Cotton who tells us the two never really planned to record the song -- it was a spur of the moment decision made during a gym session. 

"We were working out together and LeBron said 'let's get in the booth.' I said 'I'm going tonight', so he came to the studio."

Cotton -- an aspiring rapper who just released his new mixtape (featuring his new song "Ancient Mayans") -- adds, "We were just having fun. Bron had jotted some notes down earlier, and he finished his verse in the studio."

Bron has dabbled in rap before -- and once released a VERY brief sample of his skills ... but nothing like this. 

Here are the lyrics to LeBron's verse: 

[LBJ Hook:]
Ugh, roll, roll with us, cause you we got it, (we got it, we got it)
roll with us, cause you know we got it, (we got it, we got it)
it's a damn shame that you ever doubted, (doubted, doubted)
come roll with us cause you know we got it (we got it, we got it)
roll with us cause you know we got it (we got it, we got it)
roll with us cause you know we got it (we got it, we got it)
it's a damn shame that you ever doubted, (doubted, doubted)
it's a damn shame that you ever doubted, (doubted, doubted)

[LBJ Verse:]
I just docked us off of France killa
Shots so bright I got a tan killa
Try to catch up it's a waste of time (waste of time, waste of time)
I grind you hard let you take mine (never, never)
AP watch drop next month (month, month)
60 racks on ya wrist to stunt (stunt, stunt)
Fall back before you fall out
My team eating, the rest of y'all drought (drought, drought)
Say what you want about the king, 
Got money, got cribs, got whips, and oh yeaaa (bleeped) got 2 rings (2 rings, 2 rings)
Cribs sick, tall like, Costco's, 
Gotta keep getting that Robert, DeNiro, don't fear you
I understand you can't compete bro, but you see here, is royalty, 
You can't beat me, ya better join me, over at six feet, underneath (underneath, underneath)

Where my crown Shi (where my crown Shi, where my crown Shi)

[LBJ Hook:]
Cause you know we got it (got it, we got it)
Rolls with us cause you we got it (you know we got it, you know we got it)
Come roll with us cause you know we got it (you know we got it, you know we got it)
It's a damn shame that you ever doubted
It's a damn shame that you ever doubted

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No Avatar


Lebron James is the STUPIDEST sports figure EVER!!! He "THINKS he's got it. Somebody has "got to SHUT HIM DOWN" because he's going around "desparately" trying to prove he's better than anyone in the league including the "LEGEND" MICHAEL JORDAN.. Lebron James will "NEVER" acquire what Michael has.. it takes a hell of alot to achieve what Michael did but he worked for it for YEARS... and if i were Michael, i would not share my secrets with the likes of Lebron James!!! because LJ is a sadly DESPARATE man!!!! He's proving it with what he keeps doing...his so called rap mix is pathetic.. his attitude is pi** poor, it's all "me, me, me" he is an ASS. For his information, wearing KING JAMES is disgraceful because there's only ONE KING JAMES,,,,and that one is in the BIBLE!!!! LJ should be ashamed of himself and learn to accept the flaws he has whether he likes it or not. GET OVER IT!!!

172 days ago


Lol He's just having fun! Geesh people!

172 days ago


Lol He's so annoying with his ginormous receiving hair line.

172 days ago



172 days ago


Who cares? It's just more proof that rap is shallow unartistic crap

172 days ago


He's got no skills at rapping what so ever! He needs to stick with what he does best. I'd hate to hear him try to free flow.

172 days ago

Roberik 22    

Stop showing off. Not a good fit. Don't like ugly attitudes.

172 days ago


That is horrific... Stick to basketball and keep pretending you're a "king". Somewhere MJ is laughing

172 days ago


JERK: Any person who tries to tell you how great they are. People who really are great, don't have to try to talk you into believing them. Sad ... a talented jerk.

172 days ago

Nobody Special    

Hey Man,
I have Watches, Rings but no Yacht. Personally I don't like being stuck in the ocean. Now, if the Yacht has a Heli-pad with a quick Heli that's sporting.

The big question is,

Why do almost all rappers rap about money, girls with Brazilian Kim Butt Implants Flapping while twerking and tweeking?

And the thrown-in Uggh, Uhh, Yeah every other syllable?

LeBron's song uses the same " Rap-200 " Recycled Words they all use. Almost all Rap songs use the same 200 Words. Yeah, uhhn...

172 days ago


As arrogant as usual, just another over paid guy that can bounce a ball. When that's all you have done since the age of 2, and you only get a high school diploma, it's not really that much to brag about. Keep his mouth shut and just ounce the ball. Don't need to show your true colors!

172 days ago

Rectum?Damn Nearly Killed Him    

Listen Cro-Magnon Man just stick to what you know best..... 'Me throw me ball in hoop'

172 days ago


He sucks

172 days ago


Lol he's not a rapper dude never rape someone like kobe ain't a total jerk like Mike from the hood but never get in trouble has charities in which he's actually involved in he's not a rapper what no one remember when kobe and a.i.and Ron artest tried rapping or when mj sucked at golf if wanna flex let him justin beiber does and he sucks at singing end of the day he's the best on the planet at hooping so if he wanna talk a lil **** he can kobe did the same when he had the spotlight

172 days ago


LOL! To all of you undercover racist on here posting overly negative generalizations about black athletes
and black music need to really shut up and educate
yourselves ! If he was white trying to make a rock song
none of you would have anything to say. Rap music is no different than rock or country, they all talk about the same thing. Women, Money and Material things that are all worthless in reality. Rich black and brown
people are held to an unrealistic standard in our society, everything that we do has to be 200% positive and even then our individual negatives are generalized. Stop the hate people!

172 days ago
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