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NeNe Leakes

Kenya Moore Is a Fake ...

Right Down to Her Ass

4/1/2014 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NeNe Leakes Porsha Williams Kenya Moore Fight
NeNe Leakes isn't afraid of a fight -- even when it's not hers -- and she took a huge dig at Kenya Moore in the wake of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show brawl.

As we told you Porsha Williams attacked Kenya during last week's taping -- Kenya even made a ridiculous 911 call  -- but last night at Mr. Chow NeNe backed Porsha, telling us ... "Kenya stupid. She need to fix her fake booty."

A clear shot at Kenya's "Booty Camp" workout (which seems like the ONE thing for which she shouldn't be attacked).

Kenya Moore Butt
Anyway, as for Porsha possibly getting 86'd -- watch the clip ... NeNe ain't having it.


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Nene isn't ugly. She sexy and thick! Yea she go her teeth fixed ya'll would to if you had some money lol nobody is showing her the door! She makes more money than all those girls.

114 days ago


Nene tits are fake do she shouldnt be talking

114 days ago


NENES Mrs Potato Nose and Jugs are fake #TruthHurts #NiceTrumpTop #toomuchGlueonthatskull

114 days ago


If that ain't the pot calling the kettle ashy....give me a break!

114 days ago


Nene, take a long hard look in the mirror.

You could only wish you had a butt like Kenya's.

I've seen you on DWTS and OMG, poor Tony, you are an Amazon woman, huge!


The bed scene on DWTS, so inappropriate, you are married.

I really feel for Tony on DWTS. I hope he never has to lift you.

So now go look in a mirror and critique your own flaws.

114 days ago


Who cares if Kenya has a fake butt! Nene has fake hair, teeth, nose, boobs, and had a tummy tuck. Oh, and botox! So who's the fake one?

114 days ago


Nene really should not cut down anyone else's appearance until she looks at her own.

She is a buffalo and her butt is huge.

Her personality makes her even look worse.

Also the uneducated way that Nene speaks, grow up, get educated!

114 days ago


Black kettle calling it self. Take off that fake wig and makeup...lets see how your ugly face will look.

114 days ago


neighneigh is a big horse face bully skank! they need to kick that trashbag off before anyone! she's EVIL

114 days ago


Can they not find her a wig that doesn't make her look like a blonde samarai.

114 days ago


I didn't see Nene complaining about "FAKE BOO-TAYS when she went to Kim Kardashian's baby shower?!

114 days ago


Porscha is as dumb as a box of rocks. She needs to go

114 days ago


Maybe Nene's mad because her only curve is her belly.....well, she does have a few on her back. SIT DOWN.

114 days ago


First thing that I would like to address is the pot calling the kettle black. Nene being the pot and Kenya being the kettle. Nene, you have a fake nose (which is less attractive than your original nose; money wasted), breast, hair (those blonde wigs and weave, which are not complementary to your skin tone), teeth (veneers to cover up what are left of your rotten teeth), eyelashes (which are longer than your real lashes), made up face (too much makeup at times), Botox (to get rid of the wrinkles in your face), liposuction (to keep you smaller that you really are, although Kenya works out constantly), and a bleach face ( to appear much lighter than you will ever be). Why do you go into that fake Hollywood voice (which you think is sophisticated and from money), when you are on camera. Just be yourself and stop the pretense. This is fake all day and a testament of not being happy with one self. Kenya may have a false bottom, however, that is her displeasure with the original one, and she never talk about what wrong under your clothes. It is classless to talk about another woman's body parts. You and the rest of the Atlanta housewives make it a habit to do so often when it comes to Kenya. You only make yourselves look weak with low self-esteem. Please do not tell someone else to get rid of anything. Check yourself.

Secondly, Kenya Moore is smarter than you will ever be, and if she should be fired, we should have forgotten your name by now, with all of the antics you have played on the others. You are still up to no good, just manipulating others to do your dirty work now. I see you as the high school girl who tried to control all of the other girls, however, Marlo and Kenya do not play your games, so Kenya is label stupid by you. I don't think so. She just tease all of you back for last season, and some of you can't take it, however, can dish it. I don't feel sorry for any of you at all. Praying that Kenya just fired is just your way of saying that you are jealous of her. You tried to get her beat down at that silly PJ party, and attempted to act like you like Phaedra after she became upset that evening in Mexico, which we all know it a lie. You wanted something to jump off there, however, Phaedra made a fool out of herself. Kenya and Apollo were right there and if she was so desperate to get to the bottom of anything that was her opportunity. No, she just want to find fault in every one else with the exception of her husband. He doesn't respect his wife and Kenya isn't trying to sleep with him. That is all in her mind. Everyone do not want that type of man.

Lastly, let me share with you some of the stupid incidents which I have witnessed on National TV. (1)You told Kenya that she should feel lucky that she didn't get her ass beaten by Christopher Williams. What women try to set another woman up to be punched by a man, especially when you claim to champion for the halt of domestic violence. (2) You called Peter Patricia and a bitch, which Cynthia let you off of the hook. You also made her cry about her daughter, which you wanted to leaf across the table on Sheree about the comment reference your older son shoplifting in Walmart or Home Depot, (can't remember which one or if it the right store at all), however, I agree with you that Sheree went below the belt and your family should always be off limits. (3) You set Phaedra up with Chuck Smith to be spoken to like a dog on TV, and never intervene to her defense and use your mouth at that time to make him shut up. You were loving it, which I thought was the upmost disrespect to Phaedra and always wondered why Apollo did not open a can of Billy Bad Ass behavior on Chuck instead of Brandon. (4) It was foolish of you to exclude Marlo because she communicate with Kenya. This isn't high school. She is a grown woman and can choose her friends without your interference. You treated her like pond water at the Bailey Bowl and threw water and a bottle, like a kid. (5) It is foolish to think that you are running Bravo and act like you are on a whole other level. Not true. The Charity event was a prime example. You stated within ear shot of everyone that "none of these bitches here are on my level". What a joke, some of those women there were doctors, lawyers, beauty queens, and qualified in other professional fields, something you know nothing about. It is easy for you to disrespect folks behind a gig on RHOA, and two bit parts on Glee and The New Normal, now DWTS, which you can't dance in heels. You didn't finish college, never had a professional position other pole/stripper dancing, prior to the above mentioned. RHOA is entertainment, which depict most of you in your most vulnerable positions (mostly negative). Respect yourself and stop disrespecting others so easily. A few dollars do not make you the First Lady of anything, only in your mind.

114 days ago


Lol this fat ass broke bitch, even IF SHE WANTED TO PAY FOR THAT booty couldn't do it . She's too fat and thick.

114 days ago
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