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Oksana Grigorieva

Challenged in Bankruptcy Court

Gopher Patrol, Seriously?

4/1/2014 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva Bankruptcy Court
Oksana Grigorieva isn't getting her massive debts excused that easily ... the person overseeing her bankruptcy case is scoffing at her expenses ... especially items like $90 a month for gopher patrol.

Oksana is asking the bankruptcy judge to cut her a massive break with a $438,000 hole she dug for herself with various creditors.   

Her justification for getting a pass -- she has lots of necessary monthly expenses. 

But the bankruptcy trustee begs to differ, saying some of the items are downright frivolous, including:

-- $2,000 a month in home maintenance
-- $750 in electricity and heating
-- $300 cell phone
-- $300 personal care
-- $90 a month for gopher patrol

And the trustee notes something suspicious ... just before filing for bankruptcy, Oksana ran up her credit card bill from zero to more than $51,000.

Mel ... she's someone else's problem now.


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Thank goodness someone is paying attention here, and not falling for her crap!

Yeah -- ran up bills just before filing bankruptcy. I'm sure part of that was the vacation to Hawaii with her sister and Lucia.

I'd still like to know how she can afford to move to a beach side condominium and pay for that, since she only has $10 to her name. Makes no sense to me.

Finally someone is seeing her for the lying, thieving, POS that she is!

115 days ago


And another thing -- I think she had this bankruptcy thing figured out long ago. She only became a U.S. citizen last year. I don't think she could have filed for bankruptcy without being a U.S. citizen. And isn't that something? Welcome to America where you can run up a crap load of debt and then file for bankruptcy, and still rake in $22,500+ tax free per month!

115 days ago


For 2Idiots that wanted proof about Oksana's spending -- go to her Twitter account and you'll see the pictures of Oksana and her sister in Hawaii last July 2013. Her notes also state that Lucia was there, but no mention of Alexander. Yeah -- that's some of the 50k she racked up before filing bankruptcy. She even stated that she had been working with her bankruptcy attorney for about 7 months.

115 days ago


After reading the Radar Online article, where they stated that American Express charges increased in August and October, and over 10k was charged in July 2013, it sounds like to me that Oksana got her plane tickets to Hawaii for her, her sister, and Lucia, and then charged up the other charges there while on vacation, and those charges would not bill until August 2013. I am guessing that the October 2013 charges were for wardrobe and expenses for her Artists Against Abuse speaking engagement, which was in September 2013 -- I believe. She is a POS! From the get-go when all of this started! I cannot stand this woman!

115 days ago


Hey, Realist -- did you see the request of the trustee where they want copies of all family law do***ents? OMG! That is great! Oksana will be a Kinko's on her day off just copying all of that! LOL!

115 days ago


Perhaps she meant gopher control. A service gardeners charge extra for. It's also basically ineffective. Flooding their tunnels and then chopping off their heads with a shovel when they run away from the flood is far more effective... and fun.

Charging up her card before filing for bankruptcy will be her undoing.

115 days ago


I know nothing about gophers but i live in chicago and a 1 month cell phone for unlimited everything is about $300, $800 was a reasonable heating bills for these past few months in bitter cold and $300 personal care is nothing. That's like one doctors visit that insurance wont cover. $2000 in home care is easy to spend in a few months on a 1800 square foot house...and I'm assuming hers is much bigger. The Credit card is a different story but life is expensive and some of those things make sense.

115 days ago



114 days ago


yeah... you can't do that

114 days ago


Better get to dusting off those knee pads...

114 days ago


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33 days ago
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