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Lenny Dykstra


... In L.A. County Jail

4/2/2014 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0402_lenny_dykstra_gettyLenny Dykstra claims he was beaten within an inch of his life while in custody at L.A. County Jail ... and the former MLB great says his attackers were corrupt cops ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

Dykstra -- who was locked up for bankruptcy fraud -- is suing L.A. County claiming back in April 2012, roughly 6 sheriffs entered his cell, yanked him from his bed and began beating him for no reason. 

Dykstra says he was punched in the head, face, nose, mouth, arms, legs and body -- and his head was slammed into a wall. He also claims he was kicked and beaten until he was "barely breathing."

In his lawsuit, Lenny claims he suffered serious injuries -- including bruises, scabs and some of his teeth were knocked out. 

And get this ... Lenny claims corrupt law enforcement officers prevented him from getting proper medical attention after the beating --  instructing nurses and doctors to NOT do their job. 

Dykstra also says the Captain of the jail had it out for him -- and had him labeled as crazy and told the medical staff to forcibly medicate him with drugs to discredit him. 

And for theatrical flair, Dykstra, in his suit, compared the cops to the corrupt officers in the Stallone flick "Copland" ... which, for the record, was NOT Sly's finest work. 

We reached out to the Sheriff's Dept. for comment -- so far, no word back. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

No Avatar


Have not heard back?? lololol

206 days ago

Eye roll     

Cops can do and say whatever they want to people. My 16 year old was harassed the cops the other day while waiting for his sister and brother to get off the bus. Cop asked what he was doing at the end of our driveway. He told him. And the cop said he asked him bc he was dressed in all black wearing a hoodie. For real????! Cop waited until bus stopped and dropped the kids off. We are white and live in a nice area. What bull ****

206 days ago


I wasn't there, so I don't know if he is telling the truth or not - but I was a "guest" at the LA County Lynwood facility a few years ago and I CAN tell you that deputies do whatever the hell they want to, TO whoever the hell they want to. I saw women being spoken to like they were garbage, like they were nothing more than a piece of ass, deputies touching and groping women in inappropriate ways, deputies beating women for MINOR infractions of jail "rules". So, I don't doubt that it is VERY possible.

206 days ago

Cry Baby Crissy    

Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaaa

put you & Crissy Brown together.

206 days ago


I am not surprised...it happens all the time, the cops think they are above the law, the worst is prison guards, they are one step away from being behind bars, why would any person want to spend their life working for low pay watching criminals in jail all day? You have to have a sick mind to do that job.

206 days ago


Yeah right

206 days ago


Corrupt cops? In L.A? NO!!! Cops are highly trained and college educated.....oh, wait!

206 days ago


Seems to me like a money grab for Lenny. It's sad, he was one hell of a ball player. He's made some seriously bad decisions since then, it's too bad.

206 days ago


I'm not saying this happened, but I know for a fact stuff like this does happen. Not all cops are bad, and not all people in jail are bad. I've seen, stopped, investigated and prosecuted more of these cases than I care to count.

206 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Broke, old, ugly desperate for cash. Next stop for lenny skid row

206 days ago


Lennys' a broke a$$ grifter looking for an easy payday.

206 days ago


Frankly, I'd believe him. Where do you think all the BAD COPS from Florida go to??

They move around bad cops like The Catholics moved around bad priests.

I've heard worse....

206 days ago


The unwritten truth about LA cops that no one talks about, but everyone knows about! People that don't live here in LA, haven't a clue what really goes on here with the cops. It horrible!

206 days ago

John Elliott    

Would not sunrise me in the least. The real question is who payed for the beatings. The cops don't work for free.

205 days ago


Of course LAPD r corrupt they are animals!! They as well broke the law n should be punish!!

205 days ago
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