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David Letterman

I'm Retiring

4/3/2014 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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David Letterman, the longest-serving late-night talk show host in TV history, has just announced his retirement.

Letterman made the announcement during the taping of his show Thursday in New York, telling the audience his last show will take place in 2015.

He told the audience ... he's turning 67 and wants to spend more time with his family.  Dave went on to say he'd be retiring in the next year or 2.  The audience thought he was joking because he said, "Finally Paul and I can get married." 


Johnny Depp then came on and told Dave people backstage were weeping.  It appears Dave's staff knew of the announcement and many were backstage.

During his announcement, Dave said he started in the business when he was 34 so he's been doing it for half his life, and now it was time to be with his son.


Letterman began his Hollywood career as a stand-up comedian in the late 1970s, appearing several times on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." He got his morning show in 1980 and began his late night career in 1982 on NBC with "Late Night with David Letterman."


11 years later in 1993, Letterman moved to CBS to host "The Late Show with David Letterman," after Jay Leno was tapped to replace Johnny Carson on NBC.

Letterman's CBS contract is scheduled to expire next year and Letterman won't be re-upping.



No Avatar


Adios, good riddance, who cares!

210 days ago


I bawled like a schoolgirl when I heard this. It officially means I'm going to get old and die. Love me some Dave.

210 days ago


the old cow was just hanging on trying to outlast his vanquisher Jay. After Jay bolted, there was just no longer any justification for his stale crap. buh bye dave (should have done this a decade ago when you gave up the ghost of comedy......)

210 days ago


I couldn't have cared less about Leno when he left but hearing this tonight made me sad.
Letterman always had nice things to say about health care professionals, especially after he had his cardiac surgery. I wanna say he was even on the cover of a health care magazine with nurses (he used to say nice things about nurses on his show). Yes , I am a nurse so his comments were much appreciated.
Now Leno on the other hand....years ago he turned me off when for like 2 years in a row he picked National Nurses Week to put trashy nurses jokes in his monologue. Not funny or appreciative at all.
Letterman has way more overall class, his facial expressions alone during monologues make his jokes even funnier. And he can really hold politicians feets to the fire when he would interview them on a serious topic.
Least we have him around til 2015---hopefully well into 2015

210 days ago


It's one of those unexplainable mysteries as to Letterman's popularity. I never liked the man. He is nothing more than an arrogant, womanizing, smug old tool whose been on the tube decades longer than he should've been. Hopefully this means that there'll be one less idiotic late night talk show polluting the airwaves. There are way too many of these two-bit programs on. CBS would be better off airing a test pattern than another talk show. Good riddance David! You've sucked since the '70s!!!

210 days ago


I use to watch Dave every night in the 90's but over the years his liberalism has been displayed prominently on the show. He may have always felt this way about politics etc.... but it has become really annoying and I could not take it anymore. That being said all the late night guys bug me. Sometimes Kimmel is good. He has the best musical guest, I think it is time for Dave to say good night. His ratings are poor also.

210 days ago


Good Riddance!

210 days ago


Thank GOD for that, I thought that'd have to take him out in a coffin.

Everything he does stinks: the "jokes" are about 30 years out of date in style (complete with "bada-boom" sounds from the "CBS Orchestra" - that is just cringe-worthy even watching the opening where a small band is called an "Orchestra") .... the script is stilted, cheesy, low-brow, and always has been.

He is a fraud (certainly personally, as he's admitted in recent years).

What's to like?

See ya Dave, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

210 days ago


I will miss him. I've gone to see him several times at NBC and here on CBS at this theatre. I enjoy watching him when I get the chance. I'll say goodbye next year. I'll try to get and see him there at the theatre.

210 days ago



210 days ago


Good riddance to an acerbic and unfunny jerk.

210 days ago

No Comment    

Never thought he was funny and after Johnny Carson, none of these late night talk shows are worth watching. Carson had multple talents, made his show funny in many ways. Letterman just IS NOT FUNNY and along with the creep, NO TALENT BUM, Paul Schaffer, they both stink! Glad they will be off the air soon!

210 days ago

Baz's human    

He will be missed. A TV pioneer, and the man Carson wanted to replace him.

210 days ago


Thank goodness, it's about time.

210 days ago

Wen Anderson    

He was the least talented entertainer on television!

210 days ago
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