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Found in Texas


4/3/2014 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chupacabra Found in Texas
Leave it to Texas … a family claims they have captured a Chupacabra in their own backyard … forgetting momentarily the creature DOES NOT EXIST.

According to legend, a Chupacabra eats livestock and is known to drink their blood. Local news interviewed the family at their home in a small town in South Texas, and the husband told KABC, "I hunted coons for 20 years with dogs and I ain't never seen nothing looks like that right there."

A wildlife expert guessed the creature was probably some kind of canine suffering from mange, though the creature in the video can be seen eating with its hands ... leading a lot of people to think it's some kind of raccoon.

In a related story, the Tooth Fairy is now interning at TMZ for the summer. She came to the office today on a unicorn and drinks water from the Holy Grail.


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Can't believe tmz is making fun of someone.. Coming from the people who think Kim Kardashian is interesting and hott. *gag*

204 days ago


Whoever wrote this story is a complete idiot. *yawn*

204 days ago


@ Gatoraid. I disagree. The coati ranges further south, barely even reaching the US southwest. Its ears are also too small for what was in that cage. They look similar, but I think the ringtail fits better, especially in the animal's habits and range. The coati is also social and diurnal, and holds its tail erect unlike the ringtail. From the way the animal was holding its tail low, it points to ringtail, not coati.

204 days ago


Where the heck is the video?

204 days ago


Leave it to a bunch of hillbillies to completely sh*t on logic and jump to the conclusion that its a mythical creature.. how about run a couple tests, find out what it is and help the poor thing (or put it down).. that thing looks sick as f**k!

204 days ago


THIS IS A HAIRLESS RACCOON...not a chupacabra! This article shows pictures of a hairless coon and the animal they got in TX. These people r just trying to make money. take 2 seconds 2 do a google search and its easy to tell its a raccon w a disease...they should be REALLY careful.

this is the link to the pics:

204 days ago


I heard tht Bigfoot set him up

204 days ago


It belongs to Paris Hilton. Give it back!!!

204 days ago


Its real , now the werewolfs

204 days ago


I'm fairly certain that's Lindsay Lohan,

204 days ago

Mya Symons    

That is not a canine. Canines don't eat with their front paws. I think they should look to Australia or some other continent to see if it is something that someone brought over or let loose. Or perhaps it is something that originated from the Amazon Rain Forrest.

If this is a new species and they don't name it Chupacabra, I'm gonna be pissed. (Not that anyone will care.)

204 days ago


It's a hairless raccoon. I can't believe this is even a story.

204 days ago


Poor thing!That woman shaved him bare and is wearing his fur for a wig :(

204 days ago


HAIRLESS RACOON nothing to see here set it free

204 days ago


It is a Wallaby, I know I am Australian and I have seen them a million times also the clip of the sound it made is the sound they make when either scared or about to fight. There is clearly something wrong with its fur and it needs to be treated not caged.

204 days ago
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