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Amanda Bynes

I've Done What the Dr. Ordered

Rock a Bikini!!!

4/4/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes BikiniAmanda Bynes got a side benefit from intensive therapy for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder ... a bangin' body.

Sources familiar with Amanda's treatment tell us ... doctors told her daily exercise was an important part of regaining balance and calm, and it's very clear Amanda has been a good patient.

So this week she's been chillin' in Mexico for Spring Break -- doing it up CABO STYLE.

The trip was a present from her parents, who chaperoned her ... meaning no beer, body shots or wet T-shirt contests.  

She's on break from her fashion design school, where she's done incredibly well.

Amanda -- who turned 28 Thursday -- clearly learned a thing or 2 in school, 'cause she looks great in a green bikini!

¡Feliz Cumpleanos!


No Avatar


she looks demented, can't erase the past honey

139 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

QT? What a joke. You guys are all their to take pictures of this poor girl aren't ya? Harvey, how do you sleep at night?

139 days ago


Well I think she at least stopped herself in time before she completely hit rock bottom. Recovery is not an easy accomplishment, so good for her.

139 days ago


She went from Burning driveways to Burning calories.

139 days ago


When your celebrity crushes (or the girl of your dreams) have fail you, they are just human beings! Even the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps failed, he smoked marijuana (c. 2008) and had a DUI (c. 2004) after competing in the Olympics. Luckily Phelps didn't go to jail or rehab for his actions. But the Olympic commitee gave him a 3 month ban from a swimming practice. But he turned his life around. He even wanted to compete one more time in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Maybe Amanda Bynes would become his best GF when Michael Phelps is settled down!

139 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

She had a decent body was her face that was busted with the piercings and surgeries

139 days ago


I'd hit it... hit it with a bus!

139 days ago


She obviously had liposuction on her stomach..

Cottage cheese ass.

You aren't that young anymore, try excising the weight away instead of going the Tara Reid route.

139 days ago


Damn, look at the cellulite on this chick. Gross!

139 days ago

una cosa    

todos morimos.

139 days ago

There's a problem here    

What the fcuk TMZ? A "banging body". Anything that is partially clothed, which probably includes a few shorn animals for your staff, qualifies as hot or banging. Amanda Bynes looks healthy, like a normal woman instead of some freak who injects fat into her ass like your princess Kim or works out at the gym incessantly and eats only freaking lettuce and a handful of psyllium seeds 6 days a week. She's a student and she's recovering from a severe mental illness. I think she looks great. You're a bunch of jerk offs.

139 days ago


She was such a talented kid. I'm really pulling for her recovery. Keep up the good work, Amanda!!!

139 days ago


I'm 5'4 110 pounds and I have cellulite. Sometimes you just can't get rid of it. We're all flawed to some extent.. Sometimes it's not a diet or lack of work out that causes it. It can be hereditary. We're not all photo shopped super models, that's a real woman in these pictures. She wouldn't touch you idiots with a 10 foot pole either, so there's that. Let this girl live her life and quit pushing her to the edge. She looks fine, cellulite just happens to show up more in direct sunlight on camera.

139 days ago


She does not have a "bangin" body. As usual TMZ, you are full of crap.

139 days ago

Joe Blow    

What happened to her bangin implants? She looked much better with them.

139 days ago
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