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Amanda Bynes

I've Done What the Dr. Ordered

Rock a Bikini!!!

4/4/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes BikiniAmanda Bynes got a side benefit from intensive therapy for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder ... a bangin' body.

Sources familiar with Amanda's treatment tell us ... doctors told her daily exercise was an important part of regaining balance and calm, and it's very clear Amanda has been a good patient.

So this week she's been chillin' in Mexico for Spring Break -- doing it up CABO STYLE.

The trip was a present from her parents, who chaperoned her ... meaning no beer, body shots or wet T-shirt contests.  

She's on break from her fashion design school, where she's done incredibly well.

Amanda -- who turned 28 Thursday -- clearly learned a thing or 2 in school, 'cause she looks great in a green bikini!

¡Feliz Cumpleanos!


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Cheryl Lee    

Leave this girl alone. She has not been an actress for a few years, she is a private citizen who is not seeking media attention. Let her heal and rebuild her life in peace. The fact that you paid someone for 53 photos of a college student on a holiday with her parents is laughable.

This is complete sleaze.

172 days ago


cellulite city

172 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

She's always been gorgeous, but I'm certain 53 pictures of her in a tube top highlighting her mons pubis, vulva and cellulite should hurt her self esteem substantially. Thanks TMZ! (BTW ladies- girl cellulite like in these pictures turns most guys on, if we wanted low body fat bodies we'd be gay. Eat more cupcakes girls!)

172 days ago

woolly -Bear    

All you F#CKS making negative statments about Amanda should be shot and pissed on. How do you think she'll feel if she reads these posts in her state of mind? If she does anything silly it's on your F#CKING hands. And to the Maggots taking all the pictures your all truly F#CKING LOSERS....

172 days ago


Had she had something done to her face? She was a knockout before. Mybe it's those sun glasses. I wish her well in future endevors. God Bless.

172 days ago

Teresa andrews    

I think she looks great, and I wish her well.

172 days ago


She will always be a celebrity as long as tv plays her movies and shows. She looks great, why do you people bitch. Her but or her boobs. Geez. It's people like you that makes it suck. And every time your dumbass comments it boosts the article up and the more that click and comment the more they will do stories like this. I'm glad they did this. Now I am able to see that she is doing much better. I always liked her and always prayed she would get out of the spiral downfall. Good for her parents for doing what they can instead of letting her fall even more.

172 days ago


Abs and upper body look perfect. Maybe a little more work on the legs. Most of all, she needs to make sure the mind is in the right place.

172 days ago


YUCK!! But some sweat pants on!!! Disgusting!!

172 days ago

Are you blind TMZ?She's how old,Yet looks 45 years old in a bikini.

172 days ago

Laura j    

I think amanda bynes needs to be left alone now. Give her some respect tmz and don't put bikini pictures up because ppl will attack- not fair.

172 days ago

Wow ...    

I'm in total agreement with Blue. Leave Amanda alone. I am guilty of clicking on the article just to post here, so you guys will get paid. BUT know, you reporting on her is WRONG, especially if you have paps stalking her. She is on vacation for a reason, let her enjoy it! She has chosen a private life, let her live it.

172 days ago


Cottage cheese! Stop letting your gay staff talk about hot chicks

172 days ago


Looking good Amanda. Always loved this woman and always thought she was one of the best young actors out there during her time on film. Would love to see her on the big screen again. But if she chooses to stay away from acting, good for her I say.

172 days ago


Glad Amanda's mind is now stabilized, but it'll take a mentally strong man to hook up with her. Personally, I don't have a problem with how her body looks. I couldn't mess with this female because I like the women I hook up with to be sane without the need of prescription drugs, which she'll most likely need the rest of her life.

Looks come and go, but the mind is where the ultimate attraction is..

172 days ago
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