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'Beverly Hills Nannies' Star

Here's Proof a Rich CEO Assaulted Me

4/4/2014 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0403-ariane-bellamar-launch-tmz-4"Beverly Hills Nannies" star Ari Bellamar will go to court armed with photos she thinks prove she was NOT injured during rough sex, but instead suffered a savage beating at the hands of a wealthy businessman.

The photos -- obtained by TMZ -- show a woman's body, legs, arms and hands covered with bruises and cuts.  Sources close to the case tell us the woman in the pictures is Bellamar.

TMZ broke the story ... Bellamar accused wealthy Entropic CEO, Patrick Henry, of attacking her after a night of drinking. We're told the photos of Bellamar's injuries were taken in the hospital ... the day after the alleged beating.

Henry -- who's been charged with assault -- got a statement from Bellamar's ex-husband ... who said Ari's bruises could have been the result of rough sex, which he claims happened when they were together. 

As for Henry claiming Bellamar has a history of lying -- including faking cancer -- our sources say Bellamar had an abnormal pap smear ... and told friends it was being tested for cancer, but the tests came back negative.

Bellamar's ex gave a sworn statement saying he checked with the hospital and he claims there were no cancer tests.


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Do you ALWAYS have to discredit all female victims?
You are so knee-jerk about it now that I don't believe a word you say TMZ!!!! Someone fked her up and this isn't a result of rough sex - unless one party took it just too far!!

181 days ago

Miss Leo    

He's lying about the test as he can't get that information and if he did there will be some problems. Second Patrick Henry has some serious mental problems if he feels the need to hurt a women like that having sex. So either way steer clear of him.

181 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

@Sweetsthrngirl, Please get off of your high horse and take it back to it's stable. You are free to call yourself a survivor all you want, but do not shove that bs down the throat of others! When I was physically and sexually assaulted I was most definitely a victim of the abuser. I am now a survivor, but while it was occurring I was simply another victim. In over 36 years of being alive I can say the night it happened still remains as the most horrific night of my life. Understanding that I was a victim of a demented individual does not mean that I did not go through counselling, it means I recognize the difference between being a victim of a crime and staying a victim permanently. Obviously the poster you replied to also is able to make the distinction, and I'm curious about why you can not. The photographs in this story prove nothing as they could be taken of anyone. The fingernails look to be different lengths in a couple of the pictures, and those hands look much older than the hands of someone her age. My mother had been confronted about being abused so many times because of injuries that look like those in the photos. She was not abused, but she was an alcoholic who fell down on the concrete and decking when drunk. Her hands looked like that because her delayed function caused her to land with her palms up. She fell flat on her back and thought she would somehow catch something mid air to stop her fall. She threw her hands up and back, so they hit the ground at the same time as her backside. If she has a drinking problem, is anemic, or has a blood disorder she would bruise when someone simply pats her arm or back in a friendly way. I have seen the nastiest bruise on the small of nieces back due to one such blood disorder. When the issue presents the bruise will appear simply from sleeping on her back. It is the same size, shape, and color each time because it is where the mattress has the most contact on her body. Pictures of an anonymous person with bruises means nothing to her credibility. I believe eventually she will be shown to be a liar, but that is simply my own belief about this particular case. I am free to form that opinion and state it because I am not in law enforcement. I am under no obligation to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, and that doesn't make you a better crime victim or that you are surviving more mentally sound than another person. It might simply mean that you have not had enough experience with people lying about being abused to have caused you to become jaded. I didn't become jaded during the volunteer work at the shelter for people who had been abused and/or raped. It happened only in the past few years after someone I was friends with falsely accused some guy of rape. She had been embarrassed to admit she had sex with him because he was not to her typical standards. I had been friends with her since childhood but I could not be her friend when she had to admit she made it up in court. Lying about abuse is as abhorrent to me as the act itself.

180 days ago



180 days ago


That's why you have to just face **** these fame-seeking attn whores. You can't bruise a mucous membrane amirite hollywood?

180 days ago


I would love to hear him try to explain why her hand has what looks like defensive wounds.

179 days ago


I have no idea who these people are, nor do I care. The last sentence in this story states this woman's ex-husband said he called and checked with the hospital about his any cancer check. No hospital would give that information out to a spouse. Not with out a written release from the wife. The HIPAA laws state that. She could sue the hospital if this where true. That part just annoyed the hell out of me.

179 days ago


I know the CEO. The woman is lying.

175 days ago


She's a gold digger! She was just on The Millionaire Matchmaker this week!

172 days ago
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