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Boomer Esiason

Apologizes to Mets Player

'My C-Section Comment was Insensitive'

4/4/2014 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Boomer Esiason says he's "truly sorry" for any pain he's caused Mets player Daniel Murphy ... for suggesting his wife should have had a C-section before the season so he wouldn't have missed any games for the birth of his child. 

Esiason has been under fire for the comments he made on his radio show yesterday -- in which he acknowledges Murphy had the legal right to take paternity leave, but says it's more important for the child for athletes to WORK than miss games.  

Now, Boomer is apologizing to Murphy -- saying he's sorry for making comments that put Murphy's life "under a spotlight."

"That is my fault for uttering the word ‘C-section’ on this radio station," Boomer said.

Esiason continued, "No man should have to go through that. And certainly Daniel Murphy, who we both admire much as a baseball player as anybody else -- and all I can say is that I truly, truly, feel terrible about what I put them through. So for that I certainly apologize."

We should note that while Boomer says it's important for fathers to be there for the birth of their kids -- he never backs off his belief that athletes should NOT miss a day after the delivery and should do whatever it takes to get their asses back on he field.

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203 days ago


Yes, because sports are a cult like religion. They are just entertainment! Nothing more. Sports figures get paid to entertain people, just like Honey Boo Boo. They are not saving lives or creating world peace. This man has a sports addiction and needs to see a therapist.

203 days ago


Just another dumb football player with the brains of a 5 year old.

203 days ago


Boomer is totally right. If people don't work, they don't get paid and no income means government ain't collecting taxes to support people like me. Get back to work!

203 days ago


No one gives a sh*t when your kid is born, get your ass on that field!

203 days ago


Now apologize for the rest of the insensitive and stupid-ass comments you made. Besides, this is Week One of a very long season - for the Mets - not the World Series.

203 days ago


Spoken like someone who just got handed a certificate for 3 days of "sensitivity training" from his employer.

203 days ago


he's a used to be player whose name is BOOMER, why does anyone care what he thinks?What did he do in football?

203 days ago

Lisa A    

Boomer was way out if line an sped completely non-compassionate. Every man should take paternity leave if possible

203 days ago


this guy boomer doesn't have the intelligence to make comments on the personal lives of pro athletes. he should be censored and suspended from broadcast until he gets some professional training.

202 days ago


So, Boomer, when your kid dies of CF, you'll be at work???


202 days ago


To witness the birth of your child is a once in a life time experience. There are no replays. Look out children you are now taking 2md place again. Baseball which is just a game is more important than your flesh and blood

201 days ago


I listen to a detroit radio station ran by CBS and they have these commentators that make snarky comments during commercial breaks. Boomer Esaison, Jim Rome, Doug Gotleib, and John Feinstein are such d bags. They get on their little tv or radio shows and scrutinize everything every athlete does, making guarantees and accusations with absolutely no recourse for being wrong. Jim Rome calls out some basketball player saying he sold out or turned his back on a city, then makes a guarantee that this player made a mistake and it'll cost him... He guarantees it... And if Jim Rome is wrong he'll be no where to found.

198 days ago

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