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Charles Barkley

Michael Jordan Is So Cheap

He Won't Give Money to Homeless People

4/4/2014 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jordan is an absolute CHEAPSKATE ... so says his BFF Charles Barkley who claims MJ is so chintzy, he actually SLAPS Barkley when he tries to give money to homeless people.

Sir Charles appeared on "Conan" last night and spilled all the dirt on his pals -- saying," There's nobody cheaper than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan ... he's cheap."

"I always give homeless people money and [MJ will] always slap my hand and says, 'If they can ask you for spare change they can say 'Welcome to McDonalds, can I help you please?'"

Barkley says he's the exact opposite -- and believes VERY strongly in tipping huge ... "The more successful you are, the more you should tip. I truly believe that."

In fact, Barkley says he once tipped a blackjack dealer $25k ... and feels bad that he didn't give more. 

Barkley says there's one more famous cheapskate who's up in the Pantheon of all-time tightwads ... check out the clip to find out who. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Barkley told this story 15 years ago when him and Jordan were on Ophra..

200 days ago


No only is he cheap, but its known that hes one of the biggest A Holes in all of sports

200 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

This just validates the story I recently heard about MJ. So this guy was a big autograph collector when he was a kid. He would go to a hotel every team would stay in when they were in town to play, he said he got a ton of autographs from dozens of player. He got excited when the bulls were finally in town, he thought he'd finally get Michael Jordan's autograph.

He said he got Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant's autograph and they were very nice. He spotted Jordan walking towards the bus with his agent. He proceeded to ask for Jordan's autograph, the agent replied "$5 bucks" The kid (at the time) thought he was kidding, but quickly realized he wasn't. MJ just chuckled and continued to walk towards the bus.


200 days ago

K South West    

Id be cheap too... if little black and white kids single mothers were slaving just to buy my cheaply made shoes for their kids

200 days ago


MJ is 100% right!!, Get a job! Most homeless people spend their money on drugs anyways, which is why I would never give them money

200 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Homeless people (bums) have homeless shelters that take care of their requirements. Giving money to bums is like feeding your dog from the table: they get used to it and you'll never get rid of them, even though they have a dog bowl to eat out of. If I ever catch you giving money to bums, I'm gonna pop you right on the tit ha ha.

200 days ago


A majority of homeless people suffer from mental illness and are not always capable of holding a job or helping themselves. If you are that tight to not be able to throw a few spare coins out of your pocket into a cup or a hat, that is kind of sad. Odd. People have no problem with athletes making MILLIONS from throwing a ball around for a few months a year but have an issue with a bum on the street asking for change. Okay then.

200 days ago


Charles is bitter that MJ won't hang out with him anymore. They are not friends.

200 days ago


Barkley's lips do one of 2 things: EAT or LIE!!!!

200 days ago


Thats why I dont support mj some dont Gove to homeless because like he said they can get a job but mj dont give back to the community or charities either why not give back to people who NEED it I cant stand Charles either he's nothing but a uncle tom.

200 days ago


He should have added how inept Jordan is at being an NBA owner he ripped Jerry Krause at every opportunity a man who put together some of the greatest teams ever and as management Jordan is famous for drafting Kwame Brown and presiding over a team that is the laughing stock of the NBA.

200 days ago


I was soo happy to hear my man barkley lay own the truth.. mj went through hell just to sue (store over here in chi) dominicks for a simple, little add that included his name and a congrads to the bulls from like 1996! When I heard that, I knew right away the type of person he was.. then found out a bunch of other stories. and I couldn't be happier to hear barkley rat on his cheap ass. Greatest basketball player of all time.. but MJ is a cheap MF.

200 days ago


Ok there are two sides to this story and no sides are bad. Charles says if your wealthy you should tip and that's a correct way of looking at that. On the other hand MJ is saying that if you can ask for change you can ask for a job and that's true. Now, im not going to explain whats good or bad because both people are right and it's what works for your life at the end of the day but.... Charles should of kept that comment to his self about mj being cheap... unless.... that was a joke and if thats how they joke lol so my rant is over lol.

200 days ago


Wow Jordan's a prick

200 days ago


This makes me sad, when I was younger and on state aid I would always buy extra for he homeless man and woman since I was getting help I wanted to help them as well, there i was broke and seriously trying to make ends meet and still helping out the best I can, here's Jordan richer the fu** and he can spare a quarter for a homeless man. That's just so very sad :(

200 days ago
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