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Gloria Allred


Your Parenting Advice is 'Insensitive & Thoughtless'

4/4/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0403-esiason-alred-murphy-getty-01Boomer Esiason's priorities are totally SCREWED UP ... so says Gloria Allred who's blasting the ex-NFL star for suggesting athletes should NEVER take paternity leave if it clashes with playing in a game.

FYI -- After NY Mets 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy missed 2 games this week for the birth of his son, Boomer went on the radio and said he would've had his wife schedule a c-section before the season so he could play on opening day.

Allred clearly doesn't see it his way -- "Suggesting that she should risk such a procedure, (which includes the possibility of hemorrhaging and infection), in order that her husband not miss work is insensitive and thoughtless."

"The opening day of his son’s life is much more important than the opening day of a baseball season."

Allred continues, "Every child should know that their dad thought their birth was more important than anything else in the world and that both of their parents loved and sacrificed for them from the moment of their birth and for the remainder of their life."

"Daniel Murphy should be congratulated and commended, not criticized for being with his wife and baby son after his son was born."

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The second I see the words "Gloria Allred" - the topic loses all credibility.

164 days ago


Ms. Allreed: SHUT UP. I don't care how right you are, I don't want to hear it from YOU. Ugh.

164 days ago


Bet she is trying to figure a way to sue him for HIS OPINION, which apparently is no longer allowed in the great U.S.A.

164 days ago

New Man    

Boomer Until you have had a procto with a chefs knife you really don't have a right to tell any woman to get a C-Section. I thought you were smart. Now you show that you are nieve and insensitive.

164 days ago

Black Adam    

People pay a lot of money to see their teams win, so the coach is right. But here's a solution, cut players pay so it can be used to get better players. Now, who want's to go on Paternity leave?

164 days ago


No one gives an eff what Gloria thinks except for Harvey. I never see her name on any other site.

164 days ago


who give flying eff what Gloria Allred says? she's nothing more than a barnacle trying to feed off whatever host she can attach herself to . . .

164 days ago

Black Adam    

Soldiers don't get Paternity leave so why should overpaid players.

164 days ago


Actually, I agree with Gloria. To suggest scheduling major surgery and endangering the birth of a child for opening day... such a douche bag remark and very misogynistic. Especially since guys ( including athletes) are the worst whiners cry babies in the world when anything goes wrong with them medically. I'm glad Daniel Murphy has his priorities straight!

164 days ago


If you wanna be there when your child is born, fine. If not that's your choice And something you have to live with. No one reserves the right to criticize someone who doesn't want to miss out on something that important to them!

164 days ago


If my husband even suggested I should schedule a risky medical procedure just so he doesn’t miss a stupid ****ing baseball game I would divorce his ass and take all his money so fast his head would spin. And I’d make sure my kid knew a stupid game no one even cares about anymore was way more important to his dad than he is. I hope he’s not actually married - if he is his wife probably hates him.

Oh, and DOUBLE EFF YOU Boomer (most retarded name ever) for actually making me agree with Gloria Allred.

164 days ago


Boomer is a dumbass -there is 162 games so the guy is putting his family first, I don't think missing 2 or 3 games is going to hurt the team. If more people put family first maybe this country wouldn't be heading to the ****ter like it is. I am not a fan of MS. Allred's but she is dead on in this instance.

164 days ago


She's 100% right on this one. This guy is a sexist douche. His comments are disgusting.

164 days ago


Hate the fact I have to agree with Gloria on anything but this time I have to. This "Boomer" (btw at what age is a name like Boomer asinine?.. 20? 30?), has cornered the market on stupid with this one especially with the scheduling a C-section comment. First of all working in the health field I absolutely know you can't "schedule" a C-section as if its a mani appt. there has to be medical necessity for it or your insurance won't pay and physician could be reprimanded.

164 days ago


Wow... even a raging ***** is right once in a while.

164 days ago
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