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Lil Scrappy

Salon Owner Fires Back ...

I'm Not Racist!!!

4/4/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Scrappy Salon Racist
Lil Scrappy
crossed the line by calling an ATL salon "racist" for canceling his daughter's birthday party this weekend -- so says the salon owner, who claims she only 86'd the event ... because Scrappy showed up nearly 2 hours late.

As we reported, Scrappy went ballistic Sunday, insisting the owner of Glamour Girls Day Spa refused to serve him and his fam because they're black.

But owner Angela Shannon tells TMZ she was forced to pull the plug on Scrappy's 3 PM reso because she had other people waiting ... and after TWO hours of waiting, she had to move on. She insists it had NOTHING to do with race.

Scrappy claims he was only 20 minutes late.

As for allegations she only refunded half his money -- Angela says she sent Scrappy a FULL refund (for $275.42) and has proof.

Now, imagine Lil Scrappy hanging out at this place.

Lil Scrappy Salon Racist


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My experience... BPT... no consideration for anyone else's time. I believe the salon owner.

205 days ago


How did we all suspect this? We knew he was more than an hour late...but .2 Hrs,..l.l as a salon owner myself, he would have lost his deposit! He should have paid the full ticket for the money the salon lost.

205 days ago


even if it was only 20 minutes (doubt it), that "20 min" is lost time she could have been making money. To pull the race card is just petty and ridiculous. Show up on time jackass.. I know people who's been denied for showing up 5 minutes late. This isn't 1952.. there isn't a bunch of places that turn down black people. Just the dumb ones who have no respect for anyone elses situation but their own.

205 days ago


Let me REPEAT the issue not this fool being late the issue is wait for it .... She used the term YOU PEOPLE What people anyone?

205 days ago


At least he taught his daughters an important lesson, When you make an appointment, you show up for your appointment ON TIME. Lil crappy has played the race card in ATLANTA which is loaded with black people. No one kicked him out because he is black, they kicked him out because he is a douche.

205 days ago


So he's lying about the whole thing and playing the race card strictly for attention on his daughter's birthday. What a disgusting person.

205 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It's easy for her to prove when he arrived because the police were called. If he was nearly 2 hours late why did she refund the money? I wouldn't have.

205 days ago


Liar liar scrappy pants on fire. Sorry dude, even a rapper is occasionally expected to play by the rules. 20 minutes or two hours, you were LATE and therefore you lost your slot. Tough luck. Next time, be a more responsible parent and party host.

205 days ago

Miss J    

If he was two hours late, I would have kept the deposit...

205 days ago


Totally believe the salon owner; not at all surprised the group arrived 2 hours late and still expected to push through other people's reservations.

205 days ago


that's how it works, if you don't like 'em call 'em racist and drag them through the mud. what a crock.

205 days ago


Unfortunately for Lil Scrappy, I believe the salon owner. Some celebrities think they can do whatever they want using their names and think the little people should bow down to them. It's no surprise that he is playing the race card either. As if a salon would risk tarnishing their name by turning away black people - that is the most ridiculous thing. If it had happened 40 years ago, fine, but not now. And if he was really only 20 minutes late, he should've been turned away then - that is just rude.

205 days ago


It should also be noted that both the owner and manager of this salon are black. What is the likelihood that they are racist against black people? This is evident through their Facebook page people - check it out!

205 days ago


Black people are always late! It is sooo disrepectful to not show up on time and not be conscious that it's not just your time, it's someone else's also. Yes, I am black but I am punctual and I have no patience. I get tired of waiting for my people on CPT. Scrappy should be ashamed for lying. It makes the people who have valid racism claims seem like they're crying wolf.

205 days ago


Lol...white people always yelling I'm not racist..when them are..100% wrong... he was only..@20 mind late Chk the polce report... and if he was really that late no need to refund his deposit...she's a lying trash bag!!

205 days ago
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