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Lil Scrappy

Salon Owner Fires Back ...

I'm Not Racist!!!

4/4/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Scrappy Salon Racist
Lil Scrappy
crossed the line by calling an ATL salon "racist" for canceling his daughter's birthday party this weekend -- so says the salon owner, who claims she only 86'd the event ... because Scrappy showed up nearly 2 hours late.

As we reported, Scrappy went ballistic Sunday, insisting the owner of Glamour Girls Day Spa refused to serve him and his fam because they're black.

But owner Angela Shannon tells TMZ she was forced to pull the plug on Scrappy's 3 PM reso because she had other people waiting ... and after TWO hours of waiting, she had to move on. She insists it had NOTHING to do with race.

Scrappy claims he was only 20 minutes late.

As for allegations she only refunded half his money -- Angela says she sent Scrappy a FULL refund (for $275.42) and has proof.

Now, imagine Lil Scrappy hanging out at this place.

Lil Scrappy Salon Racist


No Avatar


Once again another black who is a lying racist who wrongfully used the race card. Nothing new here people.

204 days ago


Hope she sues him! He could be seriously damaging her reputation and business with bs lies pulling the race card... If any other normal person was two hours late they wouldn't expect to be helped, egomaniac you aren't Denzel Washington you are disgusting

204 days ago


Why is TMZ so lazy? That pic is from 10 years ago. Now he weighs at least twice as much, and looks nothing like that.

204 days ago


falsely claiming someone is a racist should be a race crime

204 days ago

summer days    

Look at his belligerent and confrontational face. I'm tired of people playing race card. You know he was hours late. He should be sued for slander.

204 days ago


This term race card started being used after Robert Shapiro talked about doing the OJ trail that being said , now this phrase is used to shut down any discussion about racism, you call it the race card we call it our lives (ejw)

204 days ago


If he truly was 2 hours late, I don't blame her one bit. Celebs think they own the don't.

204 days ago


Exactly as I said. He lied and I am not surprised. It's a hard habit to break.

204 days ago

William Foresman    

it's always the race card when a black person gets "slighted" according to them

204 days ago


Idk. Anyone named little scrappy seems pretty credible. What kills me is that this was obvious b.s but all the blacks still came out trying to bash the salon. But wait until chris brown beats another woman "wait until you have all the facts before casting judgement"

204 days ago


OH Yea the race card, This stupid Idiot wears a $25,000 watch and he can't tell time. So he plays the race card. It's getting so old with this " Oh, Do you know who I am "or" It's because I'm black"......You anit nobody boy..Wait in line like the rest of us.......

204 days ago



204 days ago


If he was over two hours late why did she refused his money?? And she cant say because she wanted to get rid of him because the cops showed up amd they left so it had to be sosomething else.

204 days ago


Hey, Lil Scrappy Bitch...

So, is the owner a liar or are YOU a RACIST, Lil Boy who Cried Racism cause you can 't be a MAN and admit you were wrong??

So, where's your PROOF Scruffy, huh?

If none, then you should be Shunned and hope you get your RACIST AZZ BEAT!


204 days ago


Not trying 2 hate but when was the last time Scrap had an album ?Is he still Lil Scrappy ?Because he looks like a grown man.Learn to be prompt Scrappy & maybe you will be served,regardless of what you accomplish in life you're not above rules. Point blank ,the owner bent over backwards & I wouldn't have given him one red cent back he forfeited his right to a refund.That's the price you pay for not being prompt.

204 days ago
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