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Paula Deen Restaurant

Sorry We Screwed You Over ...

But Here's Our Card!

4/4/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The employees at Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House weren't sent packing empty-handed ... TMZ has learned they were given a business card and a list of restaurants in the area that are hiring. Better than nothing, right?

As TMZ previously reported, Bubba's -- the restaurant at the center of the Paula Deen racist controversy -- closed down Thursday morning out of the blue ... with some employees finding out on Facebook and others hearing the news from the restaurant once they arrived at work.

One employee told us they were paid through Wednesday and got vacation pay along with  two weeks severance.

The employee said the whole ordeal was particularly hurtful, since so many staffers stuck up for the Deen family during the controversy -- some patrons threw food at them and they still defended Paula.

Oysters and employees -- they all get shucked.


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"One employee told us they were paid through Wednesday and got vacation pay along with two weeks severance. "
Yeah, THAT isn't screwing ANYONE over
They're not required to give you severance
They MAY be required to give you vacation pay, depending on the state law.

So, these people basically got a 2 week vacation, PLUS whatever vacation they had coming, AND paid to date. Yup, NOT screwed over in the least bit.

211 days ago


Gee, a restaurant closing. How odd. *eye roll*. Most places that shutter their doors do not give you squat. People need to get off their hate wagon and understand that the employees set out to destroy Deen and her brand. They got what they wanted. Her businesses failed, her brand is no more and she lost money. The end. Watch out for what you wish for, you just might get it.

211 days ago


Ah shucked!

211 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

The employees at Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House could join forces, form a corporation, raise the capital, buy the place and go into business there themselves.
No jobs?
Make one/some.

Or is that not an option?

211 days ago


I had lunch and dinner at her place several times, the food was not great, big tourist trap. In my opinion just based on the food this place should have closed years ago.

211 days ago


Two weeks severance and paid up until the closing date for all employees doesnt sound like being screwed over at all. Especially for low skill workers such as waitresses and cook staff. But since she is white and said the 'N" word 20 years ago, Mrs Dean is a pariah to the liberal community and any news of her must be cast in a bad light

211 days ago


Wonder what the severance package TMZ will offer when they are forced to shut their doors? Harvey's used dildos and a gift card to Olive Garden?

211 days ago


#12, The Lady and Sons is another Deen restaurant. Good luck with that.

211 days ago


Ok. They received accrued vacation pay (required) and two weeks pay (not required). Because the business closed, their employment record is far better off if fired or even quit for any reason. No one got ****ed.

211 days ago


Well that is better than nothing. No way would I go work for her other restaurant though.

211 days ago

donald keith    

the community wanted her out of business and now it's out of business so pull up your big girl panties and deal with it! it's that simple!

211 days ago


You know all of you kick Paula, but I personally love the woman to pieces. She started from nothing and she and her sons were finally successful . The world can't handle a woman making it bit out there, thus the tear down began. Everything that they could come up with was used against Paula. Well sorry to inform you, she may have shut this white horse down, but she is opening a sensational new place in the Smokey's. Went by her new shop while I was in Pigeon Forge and when it opens it is going to be magnificent. YOU GO PAULA DEEN!!!! Will be back next summer to eat at your new place.

211 days ago


take your race card and shove it nobody cares about the race baiters phuc them

211 days ago


two weeks pay and vacation pay? yep they sure got screwed.../sarcasm

211 days ago

Just Jay    

The racist thing was media hype. She admitted in a deposition to saying the N word once - decades ago. She used the word while telling her then husband that she had a gun held to her head while working in a bank. That person WAS a 'N' in my opinion too. I enjoy her recipes and have been to her restaurants. I spent an afternoon with her and she was not the humble and thankful person she portrays.

211 days ago
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