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Paula Deen Restaurant

Sorry We Screwed You Over ...

But Here's Our Card!

4/4/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The employees at Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House weren't sent packing empty-handed ... TMZ has learned they were given a business card and a list of restaurants in the area that are hiring. Better than nothing, right?

As TMZ previously reported, Bubba's -- the restaurant at the center of the Paula Deen racist controversy -- closed down Thursday morning out of the blue ... with some employees finding out on Facebook and others hearing the news from the restaurant once they arrived at work.

One employee told us they were paid through Wednesday and got vacation pay along with  two weeks severance.

The employee said the whole ordeal was particularly hurtful, since so many staffers stuck up for the Deen family during the controversy -- some patrons threw food at them and they still defended Paula.

Oysters and employees -- they all get shucked.


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Hey Thank the Black community don't be mad at Paula Dean!

202 days ago

WhenTheBeatDrops εїз     

Paula Deen is disgusting it's only a matter of time someone switches her pills with cyanid.

202 days ago

Jackie Fromm    

Businesses are closing everyday in the world today. Its understandable to be upset. Most of us have lost everything we worked for all our lives. I am surprised you got two weeks severance pay . That is big for a restaurant to do that. No business's do that anymore. Good luck.

202 days ago


The same thing happened to me working at Macaroni Grill. I worked there from. Day 1. One day we go into work, and just like that, closed with. No notice to us.

202 days ago

Jackie Fromm    

The way the press got involved and would not leave the story alone. What did you expect would happen to her brand. They were not only hurting Ms. Dean, but all the others that make their money and supporting their families thru her brand working for her. Good job media.

202 days ago


She's not a good person that's obvious I just can not believe she played all of us for so long she's so fake

202 days ago

William Foresman    

this obviously could have been handled better...

202 days ago


Let me get this right. They gave employees two weeks pay and a list of places that may be hiring. I say the employees are lucky to get the two weeks pay. Thousands of places close each week and give nothing to employees. The world famous marine artist Guy Harvey shut his place down giving no notice to employees and no severance pay. Bottom line is Paula and the investors did right to their employees and gave them something when in reality they could have given them nothing

202 days ago


What happened? I think if they turned it into a whites only restaurant it would be a big hit!

202 days ago


Hotels do that all the time, They close down, change names or sell out to another hotel group and the employees are met at the door, saying they have no job. The lose their benefits, retirement, vacation, etc. If they want to work at that new hotel, they have to reapply and start at the bottom of the wage scale. This happens oftens.

202 days ago


If you are going to report it let's report it right. I live in Savannah. Yes the company did close without notice. However, employees were given severence pay according to longevity with the company. So if this person only got 2 weeks then they must not have been with the company very long. The personnel also were being helped with finding other jobs. The Deen's were also had a list of other employers that were willing to take these employees if they so chose to take the jobs. TMZ is chosing to report the parts that are going to make Paula Deen look the worse. SHAME ON YOU!!

202 days ago


I worked for ATA Airlines & they did the same thing.. It was open on a Monday & closed on a Tuesday with no warning.. Went to work & the doors were locked.. This happens ALL THE TIME.. At least these people got some sort of severance package & a lead to a new job..

202 days ago


Paula gave them severance? What are they crying about? They should go knock on that woman's door who filed those complaints she is why they don't have a job. Sounds like her place got seized. Leave Paula alone even black people would call someone who tried to kill them that word. People are ignorant as he**

202 days ago


I love how their other restaurant (The Lady & Sons) is the last on the list.

202 days ago


Welcome to the real world folks. You are not entitled to a job any more than Paula is allowed to express her racist views. Get over it and get a new job. Why would you want to keep working there anyway?

202 days ago
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