Chelsea Handler Forget 'Late Night' I've Got Bush on the Brain

4/5/2014 1:48 PM PDT
Chelsea Handler is supposedly one of many celebs being considered to take over Letterman's "Late Show" gig ... but Friday she only had one thing on her mind -- and it wasn't stupid pet tricks.

Handler was cruising the streets of Miami yesterday after grabbing a bite to eat -- just days after announcing she's leaving the E! network for greener pastures -- wearing a hat that said "Bush Lover"

According to reports ... Handler is in talks with CBS for her own show on the network -- but now that David Letterman announced he's retiring, she's gunning for his legendary seat.

Don't worry ... Chelsea's not going all right wing -- she's not stating sexual preference either -- it's made by a company in South Africa that promotes staying in touch with the earth.