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Chupacabra Mystery

Dead Animal Won't Be Tested

Texas Can't Handle the Truth!

4/5/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Move over grassy knoll ... there's a new conspiracy in town -- animal regulators in Texas REFUSE to necropsy the dead animal some believe to be a Chupacabra.

Mike Cox (yes, really) from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. tells TMZ ... there's no reason to perform tests on the raccoon-like animal captured in Ratcliff, TX this week because his agency has determined Chupacabras are mythical creatures.

TMZ sadly broke the story ... the couple that captured the animal -- which they named Chupie -- had it put down after they were told it was suffering.  The know-it-alls convinced them it was a mange-riddled raccoon. 

So, we asked, what is the scientific basis to definitely exclude a Chupacabra as a possibility?  Cox fired back, "There hasn't been a new mammal discovered in Texas in centuries."

Oh really Cox?  Well, Smithsonian scientists announced last August ... they had discovered a new species of mammal called the Olinguito ... part of the raccoon family.

So there are still undiscovered treasures in the animal kingdom ... even mangy ones.

As for the the final resting place of Chupie ... it's a fireplace mantle.  The finders are taking it to a taxidermist. 

So, hide your kids, hide your goats.


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We can't handle the truth!!

170 days ago


This isn't celebrity news, let the raccoon rest in peace

170 days ago


Looks like my ex

170 days ago


Don't act so smug TMZ. Mike Cox said thru haven't discovered a new mammal IN TEXAS. The Olinguito wasn't discovered in Texas.

170 days ago


The Chupacabra has begun to be a big problem here in Texas. They literally suck the blood right out of their prey! Is this just another government experiment gone wrong? Hummmm...

170 days ago


Well Kim Kardashian is still alive so that is ruled out..

170 days ago


Stick to what your somewhat good at TMZ like
reporting on people making too much money well
offering little in return.

170 days ago


It's not a Texas thing, it's a dumbass thing. As a Texan I'm offended by this idiot.

Let's say that it is a Raccoon with a serious case of mange.. it's possible. It's also not common at all. I've done wildlife rescue for years. I have NEVER seen a Raccoon come in looking this bare assed naked from mange. The bone structure is similar, not the same. The chirping growl? Similar.. not the same.. at all. But let's just assume it's a raccoon..

Considering that an all encompassing mange that looks similar to that, is at best .. an auto-immune issue, at worst? A contagious species crossing mange that equals suffering and a drawn out death.

What part of what the hell is going on and does it need intervention by wildlife staff.. does this idiot not get?? This isn't the first time this nearly identical creature has been photographed. So this isn't the first time that this has happened if it's a health issue.

Cover up much? Lordy I hate rednecks.

170 days ago


You can just assume that most anything that has to do with Texas has something to do with ignorance. Texas wants to be it's own frigin country...LET THEM! Put up a huge wall around it's border and pray that a herd of Chupacabras takes liberties with it's citizens. Actually if anyone truly get their DNA checked, it should be that retarded Governor, Rick Perry...I think it's possible his parents were brother and sister either that or his mother was humped by an extra from the movie The Hills Have Eyes!

170 days ago


If you have ever been to Texas you would understand the mindset of them not wanting to test this animal. The level of stupidity and ignorance runs ramped all while they still believe that they are "The Lone Star State". Wish they would just go away and become part of Mexico.

170 days ago


If the people who had this animal had ANY reason to believe it might be a chupa it would not be dead. Texans are cold hearted snakes. To taxidermy a a sick animal is psychotic. They should stuff and mount the sadists who caged this poor animal in the first place. I hope the Mexican drug cartels take over Texas. Good riddance.

170 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Its a freaking raccoon tmz. Keep milking the story of dumb rednecks who captured a hairless raccoon and put it in a cage then killed it. This is your #1 story? Your site could be so much better if you'd just step up and hire people with some skill at writing and reporting. Why wouldn't TMZ want to be better than this?

170 days ago


it is a raccoon.
case closed

170 days ago

She's baaaack    

Like you, TMZ, I too have noticed your new readership continues to be less and less educated. It seems like you are trying to feed them a bit more bullshlt to keep them going. Even the most ignorant among us would understand that for the scientific community, even at a local level, to identify a new species is like the holy grail, so if there was even a modikum of a thought that this could actually be an undo***ented mythological species/creature it would have been studied. I guess Kim hasn't had any fat injections into her lard ass or her Kanye style lips lately, so you have to drum up a bit more business.

170 days ago

just because    

i love the way Van looks at the black 12 year old black male with super duper extra white teeth who says he is from beverly hills

170 days ago
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