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Chupacabra Mystery

Dead Animal Won't Be Tested

Texas Can't Handle the Truth!

4/5/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Move over grassy knoll ... there's a new conspiracy in town -- animal regulators in Texas REFUSE to necropsy the dead animal some believe to be a Chupacabra.

Mike Cox (yes, really) from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. tells TMZ ... there's no reason to perform tests on the raccoon-like animal captured in Ratcliff, TX this week because his agency has determined Chupacabras are mythical creatures.

TMZ sadly broke the story ... the couple that captured the animal -- which they named Chupie -- had it put down after they were told it was suffering.  The know-it-alls convinced them it was a mange-riddled raccoon. 

So, we asked, what is the scientific basis to definitely exclude a Chupacabra as a possibility?  Cox fired back, "There hasn't been a new mammal discovered in Texas in centuries."

Oh really Cox?  Well, Smithsonian scientists announced last August ... they had discovered a new species of mammal called the Olinguito ... part of the raccoon family.

So there are still undiscovered treasures in the animal kingdom ... even mangy ones.

As for the the final resting place of Chupie ... it's a fireplace mantle.  The finders are taking it to a taxidermist. 

So, hide your kids, hide your goats.


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science vs. idiots = idiots always win
that's why scientists know better then to challenge idiots

172 days ago

just because    

like 3rd time they let that guy on as a skype guest in a row

172 days ago

just because    

aren't mexican churros really good tho?

172 days ago

just because    

anyone been stuck at six flags waiting in the funnel cake line after park closed

172 days ago

just because    

anyone remember when the boat near pirates of carribean town restraunt ssnapped n killed people

172 days ago


This reminds me of the time I was in line for a gangbang with lisa ann and right before my turn she said she was sore and stopped the train we had on her :(

172 days ago


Seriously people? Google: raccoon with mange

172 days ago


No matter what it is, don't you think, for the sake of animals around, that t should be tested for mange, or any disease?

172 days ago


I think you people at TMZ have several screws loose.

172 days ago


It's a fvcking raccoon. End of story. They did NOT have to put it to sleep. This whole thing is ridiculous. There are NO Chupacabras outside of the SyFy channel and The XFiles. People need to grow the hell up.

172 days ago


It's a raccoon and even if it tested positive for any diseases what do you really expect for them to do? Venture out into the wilderness to treat all of the wild animals. Cheryl you're dumb. Get over it. Feed a starving child.

172 days ago


Couldn't the owners just pay for a DNA test? Texas taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

172 days ago


I'm open to the idea of Chupacabras and other creatures of that sort being real. Gorillas used to be on that list of creatures that can't possibly be real.

172 days ago


He could have been saved if they would have coated him in used motor oil. Totally serious. It's science.

172 days ago


You know, some people really do have the last name of Cox. It's not that strange. But lest I forget, TMZ has the maturity of a 13 year old boy.

171 days ago
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