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Chupacabra Mystery

Dead Animal Won't Be Tested

Texas Can't Handle the Truth!

4/5/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Move over grassy knoll ... there's a new conspiracy in town -- animal regulators in Texas REFUSE to necropsy the dead animal some believe to be a Chupacabra.

Mike Cox (yes, really) from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. tells TMZ ... there's no reason to perform tests on the raccoon-like animal captured in Ratcliff, TX this week because his agency has determined Chupacabras are mythical creatures.

TMZ sadly broke the story ... the couple that captured the animal -- which they named Chupie -- had it put down after they were told it was suffering.  The know-it-alls convinced them it was a mange-riddled raccoon. 

So, we asked, what is the scientific basis to definitely exclude a Chupacabra as a possibility?  Cox fired back, "There hasn't been a new mammal discovered in Texas in centuries."

Oh really Cox?  Well, Smithsonian scientists announced last August ... they had discovered a new species of mammal called the Olinguito ... part of the raccoon family.

So there are still undiscovered treasures in the animal kingdom ... even mangy ones.

As for the the final resting place of Chupie ... it's a fireplace mantle.  The finders are taking it to a taxidermist. 

So, hide your kids, hide your goats.


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EXCLUSIVE! A cat with ringworm spotted in Arlansas. Tests pending. It MIGHT be a Chupacabra! Government testing run amok. Creatures everywhere. This is it folks, the end of days. Get your bottled water and MRE's stocked up.

200 days ago


Omg it could be a dog with a very severe mage like come one people they dont even show the full picture all you see is its face all the way to his lower back that's it

200 days ago

Miss Bu    

NOT a raccoon the ears, legs and snout are too big

200 days ago


This is a celebrity gossip site right?

200 days ago


You'd think Texas Parks and Wildlife would want to test to find out what species it is and make sure what it's problems were in case it could impact other wildlife.

As for the taxidermy - just plain disrepectful.

200 days ago


To whoever wrote this idiotic story (I see no one will be a name to it, just "staff"), you don't waste tax payer money to autopsy a raccoon with mange to see if is a mystical creature just because the media keeps hyping the idea.

Somewhere in all this side show media frenzy somebody had to use common sense and put a stop to it. Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife did just that.

Not only that but "staff" makes fun of someone's last name. How old are the "staff"? Thirteen?

TMZ has hit bottom and is digging.

200 days ago


"There hasn't been a new mammal discovered in Texas in centuries."

I guess not. Not with that attitude.

200 days ago


As far as I'm concerned that thing is the mythical Chupacabra that has been killing peoples livestock. I mean it sure as hell aint going to be some 3 foot tall green man with red eyes killing the goats

200 days ago


Really TMZ?!? That olinguito is in Ecuador. Not Texas. And mike said there hasn't been a new species found in Texas for a very long time. Y'all are retarded!

200 days ago


Nope!!Y'all suckas ain't catching El Chupacabra!

200 days ago


I don't know what this animal is but it has kind, sad eyes and looks to be friendly. If it was suffering from mange then putting it down was the right thing to do. Poor thing.

200 days ago


the animal shown here and in your other story about this is nothing but a hairless raccoon. do some proper research for once.

200 days ago


Mange is treatable. The RACCOON was a healthy weight, a good size, and was eating and drinking and showing no other signs of being sick other than skin issues. He should have been treated by wildlife experts and released. But yes, this is a raccoon. I did side by side comparisons of the ears, the front hands, the tail of known Raccoons and known hairless raccoons (Whether from a mutation or because of mange) and this creature matches size, ears, hands, stance, I even found a youtube video of a raccoon fighting another raccoon over food that made the same noises. This was a freakin raccoon people. take the tinfoil caps off.

200 days ago


look close see the thumb its a raccoon

200 days ago

K South West    

This is Texas' apparent attempt to break away from the Union... Next they will draft their Declaration of Independence and the rest of America will go broke due to Texas providing a third of the country's resources.

200 days ago
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