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Justin Bieber

Barred from Miami Nightclubs

They're Tired of His BS

4/7/2014 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0407-Justin-bieber-nightclubs-01Justin Bieber was persona non grata at the hottest nightclubs in Miami this past weekend -- they ALL refused to let Bieber inside ... because he's a bigger headache than he's worth.

Club sources tell TMZ, Bieber's people called ahead last week, asking to reserve tables at LIV, Story, and Adoré while the Biebs was in town -- but the singer's camp was denied at all 3 locations.

We're told Bieber's people begged and pleaded, promising to spend big money on bottles if the clubs granted Bieber entry, but the clubs didn't budge.

According to sources, there were 2 reasons for refusing Bieber -- first, he's not 21 ... second, the last time Bieber went big at a Miami nightclub he was arrested for DUI.

The DUI resulted in a ton of negative press for SET nightclub -- where Bieber had been partying prior -- and the guys at LIV, Story, and Adoré just didn't think Bieber was worth the trouble.

We're told the clubs offered to let Bieber in if he agreed to perform a song -- since performers don't have to meet the 21+ age requirement -- but Bieber turned them down. And no one cared.

Bieber ended up having a low key night Friday night at Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge. It's unclear where he landed Saturday night, but it was NOT at any of the big clubs.



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Kev the Realist    

Gee, an under age douch-bag couldn't get into a night club....... What a shock. How about the next nightclub who serves alcohol to a minor gets their license suspended ( per the law) and they would all stop swerving this pathetic little moron.

197 days ago


He just stick to what he is familiar with...
The Gay Bars

197 days ago


It's ABOUT TIME! Don't put up with Bieber bulllllll.l crrrrrrrraaaapppp!

197 days ago

Ernest DeBrew     

I cannot believe that I am the first one to comment on this article. I just think that Bieber need to go somewhere he can heal or improve her behavior.

197 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

That little bitch boy was at home drinking syzzurup on Saturday night and passed out in purple vomit.

197 days ago


In words that the little brat would understand...nanny nanny boo boo!

197 days ago


Could this be the end for the Biebs? Better open a savings account ASAP.

197 days ago


Canada don't want you back and we sure as hell don't want you either. Go back to sucking your Mothers tit ;)

197 days ago


Why should the club's risk their Liquor license for this D-Bag and his clingers. Listen up other towns! let him party on your prop. and face the downfall.

197 days ago


Miami has never been short of heavy spenders - Up- Inda-Club! There's old money, coke money, new money and poser money but money none-the-less.

Especially the behemoth clubs...Why let a kid inside who smuggles in a 24 oz bottle of codeine and makes it rain singles?


197 days ago

soıɹəəɥɔ pɹɐʍʞʍɐ    

Justin will always be relevant, deny it all you want little haters but you are all just as obsessed with him as the people who worship him like Jesus. I have no idea how Bieber getting denied from a few night clubs is the "end" smh keep wishing. He gets more likes on Instagram then when Instagram it's self posts picture. I hate Justin Bieber because he smokes weed and is a douche bag lol do us sane people the favor and shut up. Hating solves nothing it just crates more drama besides that you don't even know Justin you little haters are pathetic.

197 days ago


*come on he is an ARTIST and he deserves to be respected* said no one but him ever.... hahahaha

197 days ago


He is still too full of ego to realize he is his own problem.

197 days ago


His comeback will be an arrogant remark like "do you know I can buy my own club" "do you know who I am" "blah blah blah

197 days ago


He could use his platform to do good in the world, instead he is choosing to be a male version of Courtney Love or Anna Nicole Smith, April Winehouse destroying himself, and no one to blame but himself.

197 days ago
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