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The Undertaker


After First 'Loss' at WrestleMania

4/7/2014 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Undertaker HospitalizedLegendary WWE Superstar The Undertaker was rushed to a hospital in New Orleans Sunday night after suffering a severe concussion.

WWE says Taker was injured during his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX -- doctors conducted various tests, including a CAT scan.

The 49-year-old wrestler suffered a concussion ... and he stayed overnight for further evaluation.  He was released Monday morning.

In case you missed it ... Undertaker lost his match at WM 30 -- his first loss in the event's history -- and angry wrestling fans exploded on the Internet.  #ThankYouTaker is still trending almost 24 hours later.

It's unclear if Undertaker will appear on Monday Night RAW.

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Uh, we fans know that wwe is scripted which is why its called sports entertainment. Most injuries are real though. Choreography and stunts can go wrong at times and these wrestlers do get hurt. One went so wrong that the wrestler died right in the ring on his entrance. So, if u dont enjoy it dont watch it but dont put us fans down because we find it entertaining. You can all keep watching the reality shows that are also scripted. With that said, this match was a joke. How do they think that was good for business. Triple H and Stephanie are ruining the business not helping it. Undertaker should have been allowed to retire undefeatedred.

200 days ago


Everybody knows that it's FAKE. That's to the A-holes that keep pointing out the obvious. "You mean that two men can't punch each other hard in the face and not bleed and die?" WE KNOW!

I'm guessing that the haters know that Avatar wasn't real and they still enjoyed it, right? A story is a story. If though we know that the outcome has been predetermined, it's still interesting to see the outcome.

May I also point out that when people pretend to hurt each other, they sometimes ACTUALLY hurt each other. The reason they may be pointing out this injury is because it was real. One can assume that in the event that one of them were to get hurt, they'd have a fall back plan. This might have been one of those times.

200 days ago


They didn't really kill the dog in Old Yeller. Leonard Nimoy didn't really die in Star Trek II. Yes we know it's fake but we become emotionally invested because it's a story. And just like any story, you have characters that you hold dear despite the fact that their fictitious. We are not mourning a loss by Mark Calloway. We are mourning the end of our favorite characters most prized accomplishment. So please, shut the F*** UP!!!

200 days ago


ALOFL people who actually pay to watch this "wrestling" are absolutely ****ing stupid and should be sterilized.

200 days ago


I just hope my cousin Sara doesn't use this as an excuse to get the girls. Seems like he is finally stepping up and being a Dad.

200 days ago


...its sripted who goin to win but, in the ring they have to make moves and movements that really hurts!!!! any person that said wrestling is fake have to enter to a ring whit lesnar,goldberg,big show,kake,undertaker and later comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

200 days ago


Ya know, I stopped watching this for the most part a long time ago. But Undertaker actually was my favorite growing up. This used to be a lot realer than it is now. It's a rigged shell of what was once great.

200 days ago


Undertaker 49, my ass. He wrestles once a year, at the Wrestlemania events. Hang it up Buddy

200 days ago


The Hell?

200 days ago


face it people, everything in wwe is always scripted. you all have to accept that.

200 days ago

terrie molina    

Taker ur the best thats ever been. We are still ur fans and love u♥♥♥

200 days ago


Some people refuse to just kick back and enjoy some good entertainment

200 days ago


I still don't see the need for people to keep repeating that wrestling fake. Whats the E stand for in WWE? Entertainment... There isn't a great difference between a professional wrestler and an actor. They're there to put on a show. Though wrestlers have a much greater risk of injuring themselves while performing.

200 days ago


Vince McMahon and his family are geniuses in marketing something that is totally fake into a billion dollar enterprise. Kudos to them.

200 days ago


Stop saying wrestlings fake, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ALREADY!!! & seriously, some people have the nerve to talk crap about how "lame & fake" wrestling is. EXCUSE ME, but almost every so called reality show is fake too!! Im sure those idiots who are talking crap surely watch reality shows. Why is it lame to watch wrestling but its not lame to watch the real housewives ( a bunch of drunk, stupid bitches) the jersey shore ( another bunch of pathetic drunks who think too highly if themselves) the Kardashians ( dont even get me started with them) Love & hiphop ( a bunch of stupid women who are married to has been rappers, etc.... Shall i go on? All im saying is we all have our different opinions. One show is not cooler than the next. Its all a matter of preference. So b4 u go talking about any show, take a look at what YOUR watching.

200 days ago
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