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Nursing Home Stripper Lawsuit

White Guy Stripping In Front of Black Elderly Mom -- DISGRACEFUL

4/9/2014 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040914_tmz_live_youngblood_launch_v2The son of the 85-year-old woman who fed money to a male stripper in a nursing home says part of his beef is racial -- a white stripper lording over an elderly black woman.

Franklin Youngblood tells TMZ he wants his mother's nursing home to fork over $10,000,000 for robbing her of her dignity.

As TMZ previously reported, Youngblood is suing his mother's Long Island nursing home for organizing a male stripper event ... which he claims embarrassed his mother, who is wheelchair-bound and suffers from dementia.

What's interesting ... Youngblood's lawyer made the photo public ... which seems like the essence of the $10 million claim.  Interesting.


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Georgia Wife    

Little Baby Boy is mad that money didn't go to HIS pocket! Also, I'm so sick of it being okay for Blacks to hate on Whites. Last I checked, older people love to get naughty, too. Isn't that why we have been hearing about reports of STDs growing in the elder population?! My Grams loves to make the naughty comments that make me say, "You go Gramma!!" This guy needs to grow up and let her have her fun....besides she will forget about it.

196 days ago


Someone give this guy the flaming bag......

196 days ago

Godzilla's Kitty    

What the hell does race have to do with it? Please. Ten million dollars? Fuck off.

196 days ago


Grifter with a sad attempt at a cash grab. This guy's probably been on welfare most of his life but thinks 10Mil will restore mama's dignity? Yeah, okay.

196 days ago

Mortimer Berford    

You stripped her of her dignity when you stuffed her into a rest-home.

196 days ago


What does the race of the stripper have to do anything? Would they be fine is he was black?

196 days ago


The black family sure is racist, yes the stripping was wrong but race should have never become an issue. As for 10 million dollars come on, she was living in a nursing home ****ting herself and probably made less than 100 grand total in her entire life.

196 days ago


Hikarious if stripper has his BLACK arae shaking in his mothers face, he wouldnt have objected....what is he smoking? 10,000,000 in your dreams...

196 days ago


Racist POS. And asking for $10 million for NOTHING?? He should get back whatever dollars his mom gave the stripper...and then have to pay the lawyer costs for the nursing home for bringing such a frivolous, bogus lawsuit.

196 days ago


I think the story of how the son came across the picture was bogus. I respect how Harvey kept his composure when the attorney tried to project frustration at him because he knew Harvey was beginning to dig into the basis of the lawsuit, the proof of damages . The interview shown here was heavily edited from the live airing, because the lawyer really went off and that's now shown here.

The attorney's girlfriend was also a resident there and they acted like the staff had no idea the stripper was there in the unedited interview. The son also went on to say that a someone who was perhaps a staff member took the photo and planted it to be found. This is a money grab in my view.

196 days ago

The world is disgusting    

blah, race card.

196 days ago


are those dollars in her hand?looks like she ready to make it rain.

196 days ago


what an idiot is fool is!! the race card will backfire on him,but his other claims could be considered valid! 10 mill...dream on szwoogie!!!

196 days ago


Really? He's going to pull the race card -- and a $10 million one at that!

This is clearly a cash grab. If he were so worried about his mother's dignity, he would not have allowed his lawyer to release the photo.

There's no way they are going to get $10 million and he knows that. While I understand his concern -- though I question how genuine it is -- he an only expect to get a nuisance fee.

Would he have complained if they went to Atlantic City instead and allowed her to lose it at a slot machine?

196 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Um, how about the dignity your momma suffers with strangers wiping her azz, instead of her son whose azz she wiped???

196 days ago
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