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Justin Bieber

I'm on a Boat ...

But It Isn't Mine!

4/10/2014 11:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0410_justin_bieber_instagramJustin Bieber is making a habit of making it look like he owns cool stuff, when he really doesn't -- this time he tried to pass off a super famous yacht as his own ... when everyone knows it's not his.

As TMZ first reported, Bieber posted a photo of himself in a Bugatti that he referred to as "my first Bugatti" ... but it was just a loaner from Birdman.

Then on Wednesday, Bieber posted a pic on board a yacht called "Never Say Never" -- which just happens to be the name of his concert film. But TMZ has learned Bieber does NOT own the boat ... not even close. The boat is registered to a family trust based in Coral Cables, FL.

Here's why Justin is particularly stupid for trying to lay claim to the yacht --  it's the same boat Lonely Island used for their LEGENDARY video, "I'm on a Boat."

If you want to make it in the rap game, Justin ... might want to start getting your own stuff instead of borrowing other people's.


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K South West    

Just because he is a Canadian and doesn't speak good English does not mean you take his words out of context. It was about time means he needed to sit down

198 days ago


this is the only "smart" thing this kid is not doing and it's blowing his money on BS. Way to watch that bottom line Bieber!

198 days ago


Next thing you know he'll be taking a picture outside and pretending the Sun is his.

198 days ago

K South West    

If you want to make it in the News industry...come up with better stories TMX ... X being the unknown sources that you get your fiction from

198 days ago


After this photo was taken, he stripped down into his lovely string bikini. I can see the ties coming out of his collar. Girl needs a tan, don't we all?!

198 days ago


Maybe he wasn't trying to claim it, maybe he just though it was cool that the boat had the same name as his concert, and his movie. He never claimed that it was his to beging with. Fire your reporter.

198 days ago


wow ! DID HE CLAIM THE BOAT WAS HIS ? NO ! So stfu.He can't just be on a boat now ? ****ing idiots ..

198 days ago


Next time you are on a boat, JUMP...with any luck nobody will find you.

198 days ago


the S.S. Talentless

198 days ago

Deborah Ffrench    

Hello douche TMZ.

He didn't say the boat was his. you fools.

198 days ago


I'm not a Justing Bieber fan, but he never said he owned the boat. He was just posing with it because that's the name of his tour. This is a non-story.

198 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

The kid's on his way out. It happens to even well-behaved teen idols. Oblivion is faster if you act like Bieber has the last year or so. Pre-teen fans grow up and the next group want their own heartthrob. JB has lots of money and if he is even slightly smart about his money, he will live in the lap of luxury for the rest of his life.

198 days ago


Slow news day? Hey guys, don't comment anything here! Let it fill up with spam!

198 days ago


I think this time you are wrong TMZ. The fact that he has uploaded on Instagram a picture of a yacht with the caption "it was about that time", doesn't mean that he tried to make people believe that he bought a yacht. As far as I know Bieber has been working in the studio for the past month. Non-stop. I guess he tried to say something like "it was time to relax". Or "it was time to spend a few days in the middle of the sea and try to grow up, I'm done with drugs". This last one is impossible. lol.

198 days ago


a bit too old to smear crayola on your arms, kid

198 days ago
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