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You're Never Too Old

For Nipple Pasties

4/11/2014 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

67-year-old Cher is still super proud of her boobs ... and proved it by sportin' a pair of nipple pasties this week at a concert in Boston.

Cher -- who also rocked a pink wig, pink lip gloss at her Dressed to Kill tour -- seemed extra perky that night ... and also broke out her old low-plunging black onsie from her "If I Could Turn Back Time" video.

As for the nipple pasties ... one question -- doesn't it hurt to take those things off?? 


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It's looks like Cher had a rough night in the nursing home.

159 days ago


I love Cher, but that is clearly disgusting.. what is attractive about having a woman in her 60's wearing pasties, she is gorgeous without them, love her, but wish she didn't need the pasties, she's starting to remind me of Madonna, except Madonna has more hits..

159 days ago


Unique voice, lady, character. Only one Cher. Still rocking on

159 days ago


She is a badass

159 days ago

Lola 06    

let's face it she looks better than more 22 year olds nowadays

159 days ago

Ming the Merciless    

Well, that body is still pretty banging for 67. Admit it, you still would! If you've (still) got it despite almost being in your 8th decade, then flaunt it!

159 days ago


She is the best and always will be cher your my heart of stone you go girl

159 days ago


I think she looks good. You can obviously see she has had face done but i really dont think shes had anythingelse done. But i dont think those are how her boobs look like really. I think it looks like she has a see through bra in my opinion

158 days ago


I don't think the pasties hurt at all for Cher to remove. After mammaplasty (breast augmentation) there is often a certain amount of denervation (cutting of nerves) in the breasts, which leaves them insensate (unable to feel). While they might be nice to look at, women often sacrifice tactile stimulation (and the resultant sexual arousal) when they choose to have breast augmentation. As a man, big or small give me the real ones any day. Important note: regardless of size, the human breasts have the same number of neurons - smaller breasts have more densely packed neurons and are therefore more sensitive. I personally prefer small breast because of the greater potential for me to be able stimulate and satisfy my partner.

158 days ago


Cher at 67 is better than most of these young singers and actresses today at 27. Cher has always had a bangin' body, and a voice that is second to none. If she still has it today (and she does...), why shouldn't she flaunt it? If only the rest of us could turn back time...

158 days ago


She is an icon and looks great for 67 years of age, if you don't mind the obvious plastic surgery. You have to remember the show is supposed to be an illusion. However, she is not a magician so she should be more subtle because her body has changed. Check out some of her other outfits in the show here:

158 days ago


I thought she retired?? No?

157 days ago


Cher is damn near 70 , it's time to put clothes on.

157 days ago
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