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Debbie Rowe

I'm Going to Court

To Get Michael Jackson's Kids

4/11/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe Michael Jackson Kids Custody
Debbie Rowe
will wage legal war to get guardianship of the 2 kids she had with Michael Jackson ... and if she could she'd gladly take all 3.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rowe is deeply concerned about the environment in the Jackson home.  She likes Katherine Jackson but believes she has gotten way too old to serve as guardian ... "Katherine's not connected with the kids or involved in their lives" Rowe told a friend.

Rowe is also concerned Michael's brothers are hanging around the Calabasas house a lot and have been a terrible influence.  She's complained Prince has developed a filthy mouth and is rebellious because no one is even trying to keep him in line.

Rowe is especially upset with Jermaine, who will appear on "Celebrity Wife Swap."  Rowe thinks he's just plain creepy and extremely inappropriate, and wants him as far away from the kids as possible.

She feels Blanket --- the 12-year-old who is not her biological kid -- is actually the most vulnerable and most in danger.

As for Paris ... Rowe fears she's not made the kind of improvement which is necessary after her suicide attempt and wants control so she can take steps to ensure her safety.

TJ Jackson is a co-guardian ... we're told Rowe likes him but is worried that he's been on tour and away from the kids for long stretches.

Rowe will file legal docs asking the judge to appoint her guardian so she can move the children to her ranch in Palmdale CA, where she has a business raising and breeding horses. 

Fact is ... Rowe has not asked the Estate for money and our sources say she's not interested in a payday.  She wants the kids because she loves them and fears for their well-being.



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She shouldn't have DIVORCED Michael in the first place!!!!!!!!

After Michael's MURDER she SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT to get custody of their children including the youngest so that they stay together and have a parent looking after them.

I HOPE she gets the children BUT on the other hand DO the children APPROVE of her decision to marry this man?

157 days ago


Nothing about any situation pertaining to MJ could ever be even remotely hinted at coming close to normal. Everybody knows this and it over the years just became a given. He is dead now and those kids deserve at least a fighting chance to lead fulfilling lives. We already know what being part of the original Jackson family does to warp children ie. MJ and siblings. So why let them do it to a second generation?
Truthfully Bubbles could do a better job than the Jackson family has.

156 days ago


LoL, she's not in it for the PayDay...uuummm those kids are a PayDay since they will inherit MJs Fortune.

156 days ago


Let the Jackson's keep the money D.R. should still go after custody of the kids and let the judge know that it is about the kids well being only not financial greed..

155 days ago


Rowe vs. Ross. "Stop in the name of Love!" She will have to get past Diana Ross! The will is iron clad!

155 days ago


She was just a surrogate for Jackson. Michael just didn't want to pass down his real nose to his kids. That doesn't make her a mother.

If I was Prince was I would speak out in court against her. The first thing she will try to do is get between him and his inheritance and claim that she is doing it for his own good. If he's got enough discipline to study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Prince is doing just fine.

Blood or no blood, no stranger would get between me and 300 million dollars.

154 days ago


When are you FINALLY going to admit they aren't HIS BIOLOGICAL KIDS!

152 days ago


What a disaster. Marc Schaffel wants access to those kids, and Debbie is going to hand them to him on a silver platter. He will exploit the hell out of them and have Paris in Playboy as soon as she turns 18. So Debbie and Marc Schaffel are getting married, and now she's going to take Michael's kids and they're all going to live together as one happy family, with Marc and Debbie cashing in on the kids. I can hear MJ screaming from his grave.

151 days ago


Blanket looks he could be the child of Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas. Look at the pictures.

145 days ago


Blanket looks like he could be the bio child of Salma Hayak and Antonio Banderas.

145 days ago


Fight fight fight Deb. We support you.

142 days ago


I think she was naive in the beginning and made a mistake leaving her kids. Having said that, I believe in second chances . She seems to have good intentions and should be given a second chance. She is sure not going to screw them up any more than they already are, having lived with the MJ family. I think that if she gets these kids, they should all have to be in counselling, and that she does not get any of their money. She has her own business and can support them in a normal lifestyle. -Which would probably be refreshing to them. I also think she should get Blanket if she gets the older two. The kids should not be separated.

6 days ago
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