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Jackson Brothers

Debbie Rowe Already Abandoned Her Kids Once

4/11/2014 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0411_debbie_rowe_jacksons_tmz_getty2Michael Jackson's brothers are refusing to allow Debbie Rowe to wrestle guardianship of Prince and Paris from the kids' grandma -- at least if they can help it -- telling TMZ, Debbie abandoned her kids for cash after they were born ... and hasn't cared about them since.

Tito, Randy, Jermaine, and Jackie tell us, "[The children] are well loved and well taken care of. We are quite taken back [sic] that Ms. Rowe has decided now to enter their lives, after she abandoned her children many years ago for money."

The brothers are referring to Debbie agreeing to give MJ full custody of Prince and Paris after giving birth to them ... in exchange for a lump sum of money.

The brothers insist the Jackson family -- Katherine included -- wants only the best for Prince and Paris, adding, "Our only desire is to see our niece and nephews continue to go on with happy, healthy and safe lives. We will do everything and anything with in our power to help make that happen."

As we reported, Rowe will file legal docs asking the judge to appoint her guardian so she can move the children to her ranch in Palmdale CA, where she has a business raising and breeding horses.


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I will adopt them. I need a new car anyway.

161 days ago


I personally believe both sides are motivated by dollar signs. Those poor kids are stuck between a rock and a concrete wall. Isn't Paris and the older boy almost adults? And the youngest isn't hers right? My goodness, these kids can't have a moment of peace.

161 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

The kids funds are well loved.
The kids?
Oh yeah, we like them too.

161 days ago


I can't stand and wouldn't trust these brothers but also, MJ has been dead for years. No one else thinks its suspicious that as soon as she announce she's getting married, now she's going for custody? Don't suppose soon to be husband is buzzing in her ear. Besides, those kids are dang near grown. I'm sure the court will consider where they say they want to live.

161 days ago


None of these people ,I mean none on both sides have any self respect for themselves.the kids look like the man,face shaped the same,but you didn't hear that from me.

161 days ago


what is so ironic, if they care so much for michaels kids, why are they all BEHIND on their own child support? the kids will be of age soon, so their gravy train will dry up!

161 days ago

John Elliott    

Better environment then with the freak show Jackson family. Not just that but the brother only care about the money..

161 days ago


All of the kids educational, insurance, and necessities should be taken care of and their money frozen until they turn 35 and then we shall see how many people will fight over them.

161 days ago


The whole situation is sick. Debbie prolly knew MJ craved his own family and happily went along w everything. But now that the children rnt living on easy street (which I'm sure she assumed they'd be well taken care of) and they doing the opposite (horribly struggling) she feels the need to give those kids the one thing they need above all...a mother and a healthy home life. It's such a shame that it's gotten to this point. Hello? Debbie has her own biz to make money off of an we all know she's not the typical plastic Hollywood fam (like the jacksons) who end up throwing lawsuits around. It's possible she's so worried about the oldest two that she feels the next few years r really important

161 days ago

★★★★ Lindsay Speaks The Truth ★★★★    


You're not taking out meal ticket away from us!!!

161 days ago


Okay Debbie! The Jackson's may not be the best for them but now the judge will really look at your life and wonder about you as well.I mean come on your raising horse's on a ranch, and gave up an opportunity to raise your own offspring....That may not look so good for you.

161 days ago


Michael Jackson was not the father of any of those kids. If I were those kids, there is no way I would want anything to do with the freak show family that surround themselves with smoke and mirrors. Nor would I want to be with Debbie Rowe, the greedy pig who sold me to the pathetic deranged druggie in the first place.

161 days ago

boo boo    

All of these jerks are talking to tmz when they should be shutting their yammering traps.

161 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

They have a point. Even if her intentions are that of a mother it's hard to get over the fact that she made a transaction out of giving up rights to those kids for money. You can't t trust the Jacksons either because they're a bunch of money grubbers too. One can only hope that somewhere on the sidelines there is someone who truly loves those kids and wants the best for them who is going to guide them to adulthood and find financial managers to make good decisions over the money their father left for them.

161 days ago


Debbie Rowe is a SOCIOPATH. Period. She sold her children, and doesn't deserve to parent them now. She abandoned them at birth, and is a despicable creature, who is out for money, and money alone!! Agree with Jacksons on this one!

161 days ago
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