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Here's My Terribly Misguided Opinion About

Chris Brown

4/11/2014 5:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

thinks Chris Brown is being treated unfairly by the justice system because he's a celebrity. Ne-Yo is wrong, but that's what he thinks.

Our photog caught up with the R&B superstar yesterday after leaving the gym, where he voiced his clear support for CB ... saying the system "likes to make an example out of celebrities."

Let's not mince words here ... Chris Brown beat Rihanna to a pulp and got five years probation for it ... meaning he had to behave himself. But since then he's gotten in numerous brawls (one with Drake, another with Frank Ocean) before getting arrested for assault last year. He's tried going to rehab twice (once by court order) but was kicked out both times.

Does that sound like someone who is being treated unfairly?


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This is right because of one name Lindsey Lohan #checkmate

203 days ago


Who are you to say he's wrong? NOONE gets extradited by plane from the west coast of America to the east coast of America for a misdemeanor, and I know this because ai was a public Defender for 7 years in Lansing Michigan. Ne-Yo, whoever that is, is absolutely right. This is a HUGE waste of taxpayer money but it's being done for the publicity that goes with this guy

203 days ago


Typical TMZ hypocrisy. You guys celebrate Sean Penn who best Madonna with a bat and tortured her for 9 hours straight. And let's not forget Sheen shooting Kelly Preston and beating every wife he had. Why are they given passes?

203 days ago


Celebrities most often get a slap on the wrist if that. An ordinary citizen would have been locked up already. I really like Chris but he brought this on himself just like Lohan & Biebs.

203 days ago


All of those punks are just wanna be thugs

203 days ago


Actually, yes. He is being treated unfairly. Holding him in California till he goes to court in Virginia? Where's the jurisdiction there? Is he a flight risk? NO. Why is he in solitary in California, but in General Population in Virginia? CAUSE CALIFORNIA IS TRYING TO MAKE A POINT. Which is UNFAIR.

203 days ago


Hey....don't forget trashing Robin Roberts studio after a morning interview...refusing to share DMV information after a car accident ..defacing real estate... He's just mentally unstable..simple as that.

203 days ago


First and foremost I just want to say that I definitely do agree with Ne-yo. Chris Brown is being treated very unfairly. I mean let's be real they didn't even bring GZ to his trial with his arms and feet shackled and he killed somebody yet they shackle Chris somebody who is merely being charged with assault and force him to fly all the way across the country via Con Air. They way they are treating him is cruel and as Ne-yo said they are trying to make an example out of him. Secondly, you all act like you've never sinned before and like you've been perfect your lives. We all fall short some of us more times than others but that doesn't mean we're monsters or that we need to be in jail. Chris has been through a lot and you all are talking about he he's had chance after chance, what chance has he had? Every since the Rihanna incident happened people have been verbally abusive towards Chris. Everybody is still holding that over his head so no he hasn't had a fair chance and until people learn to forgive him he never will. Thirdly, as I always say it pays more to be negative in this society than it does to be positive. TMZ, is clearly getting some good feeling out of making fun of this guys situation and how are you going to call somebody's opinion misguided? He has the constitutional right to speak his mind and say how he feels. No ones opinion is misguided, y'all just don't wanna see anyone supporting Chris Brown. It's all good though because like ne-yo also said Chris, is going to be okay. He's going to overcome this situation and come out stronger than ever.

203 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i totally see where ne-yo is coming from. i mean is chris brown the only celebrity who has battered his girlfriend or partner? no. there's like a million others out there who have a long history of beating or raping (see sports, and the endless lists of rape and beating) but it seems that the media tends to focus on very specific celebrities to make their 'legal points' very clear. this happens to randomly? be african american males. sort of scape goaty to me. maybe it's just coincidence, but i would guess if a white rockstar had beat the crap out of his girlfriend, everyone would be all: she probably was asking for it, he'd have to go to rehab (in cancun, relaxing with hot rocker babes in the sun, drinking margaritas) and it would be over in a week. not so much with african americans. their 'crimes' seem to stick with them for life. i think this is very racist. people really need to check themselves. i am surely one to talk.

203 days ago


Well first off,NeYo's opinion is his opinion.So it's not misguided.Secondly,y'all are trying to make him look like a bad guy so of course he's gonna show out.That Rihanna incident happened a long time ago.GET OVER IT.She even got back with him so obviously she over it.You keep throwing him under the bus over that.No one is perfect and I'm pretty sure most of you have some skeletons in the closet and one of these days,you're gonna slip up.Whoever don't agree,that's cool.It ain't gonna make me cry.That's all I gotta say.

203 days ago


He is guilty for all the brawls except for the brawl with Drake which Drake started, and the supposedly hit and run which was a complete exaggeration from the woman. For the rest, he IS truly guilty. He is the one who started the trouble. He beat up a guy for winning a basketball game or at least that is what came out in the internet not to mention the brawl with frank ocean, the beating or punch he gave the passer by in Washington; the rock he threw at his mom's window. The guy feels the world owes him and that makes him totally out of reality. This should have been addressed years ago but his mom couldn't tell and was helpless at the moment.

203 days ago


I agree Jay z stab a man Charlie Sheen beat his wife Mel Gibson I don't see anythg being done but can is being villified. Tmz I don't normally read your blog u r to to bias to minority. I see you did have breaking news for dupont getting off free for using his finger to molest his daughter.that should be breaking news. Did u write abt the gay couple who adopted 9 boys and sexual abused all. That should be I. Your blog but u eine and complain and write everythg negative abt blacks. I am not a supporter of Rihanna that relationship with drake seem dark

203 days ago


Tmz why are you trying to set someone up? Get out of here with that. You just wanted him to say something foul about CB and he didn't.

203 days ago


Chris is not guilty. someone else needs to the fall for him.

203 days ago


Deal in the land of physical reality and not Karma. He was wrong for hitting Rhianna. I do not believe anyone is arguing that point. However, it is really easy for entertainment blogs/news to turn any situation into a huge deal when it comes to him... and everyone will believe it. If he was kicked out of rehab for having interactions of any sort with woman at rehab, while wrong would not be a reason for him to have every thing revoked. Fighting, yup a violation and he deserves a punishment for that. However, 2 of the fights were not physically his. It is not like the law that says a felon cannot own guns or be around them. His situations could not even be justified as a "he put himself in a situation knowing what could happen" because Drake was a club atmosphere and Frank Ocean was a studio situation. All he did was talk/argue. The basketball thing is still under scrutiny. That would have been the only one (if true) that he was involved in.
Now back to Karma... you know what they say.

203 days ago
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