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Debbie Rowe

Michael's Brothers are Greedy Slackers

4/13/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson's money ... saying it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Sources connected to Rowe say Debbie expected Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie to attack her when word got out -- via TMZ -- that she would fight for the guardianship of Paris and Prince.

Michael's brothers came out swinging, saying Rowe took Michael's money and then ran away from her kids and her responsibilities.

But our sources say Rowe is pissed but not surprised at the attack, insisting she never abandoned her kids.  She says Michael constantly called her for parenting advice and she was always there for him and the children.

She also says Michael often told her the only sibling with any talent was Janet, and the others turned sponging off him into an art form.

Rowe -- who would also like to become Blanket's guardian -- is deeply fearful the kids have no proper supervision.  She thinks Katherine is a good woman but way too old and slow to care for the kids, and she thinks Michael's siblings all couldn't give a crap and they are all bad influences.

Rowe believes MJ's brothers oppose her plan to seek guardianship because they know if that happens a huge chunk of the money Katherine gets from the MJ Estate -- more than $50K in child support -- will dry up.

Rowe is saying she wants to move the kids to her ranch in Palmdale, where she has a successful horse breeding business.


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I think Debbie Rowe is the logical choice.. She actually did not "Sell" her children in the typical sense... She was a big fan of Michaels and offered to have some children for him... A surrogate mother... All that Jackson drama can not be good for those children... Katherine is getting on.. I do beleive its all about money for those brothers and they could care less about the children. They would be much better off with mom and yes I DO think she cares.

187 days ago

Robin Bell    

his is so suppicious, the puppetteers maybe behind this sudden blast against the family. i dont believe judging anyone but I do recall this woman made known her monies when MJ was at his lowest she needed her payout and somewhow it was made public, each and everytime. I see woman who give up their rights for the children but never expect or demand a paymant or payout this is bigger than that. Orphan children are precious and people will come after them like a woves. That is so sick i do believe that Michael wanted his family to instill the standards and family unity in his children its sad when u let the devil get a foothole u will have to push out the whole body.

187 days ago


Victory From Beyond The Grave! Michael Jackson Wins $24M ‘This Is It’ Lawsuit

Posted on Apr 18, 2014 @ 4:23AM | By Melissa Cronin

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Getty Images
Getty Images

It’s a good day for Michael Jackson, even though he’s still dead. has learned that the music legend just scored a massive legal victory from beyond the grave, as a federal court judge has dismissed a $24million lawsuit brought against Jackson by music producer Michael Jonzun.

Jonzun filed the lawsuit in Massachusetts in 2012, claiming he was owed $24million for helping draft “This Is It,” a song Jackson did with Paul Anka in 2009. At the time, Anka said he’d never heard of Jonzun, and that his claims were “BS.” Apparently, the judge agreed.

Read The Do***ents

According to court do***ents obtained by Radar, a judge found “The Estate of Michael Jackson cannot be sued” because it “is not a legal entity capable of being sued, and therefore the complaint must be dismissed.”

The judge also dismissed Jonzun’s claims against Anka and AEG Live because he filed in Massachusetts and has “not demonstrated that the Defendants purposely availed themselves of the privilege of conducting activities in Massachusetts,” according to the judgment, noting that “This Is It” was likely sold in several other states as well.

You Can Sue For That? The 53 Wackiest Lawsuits

Finally, the judge called Jonzun to task for a “repeated failure to comply with the service rules,” according to the do***ents, including filing his motion for extension late, not filing a supporting affidavit with his motion, and failing to serve all the defendants.

As such, the judge dismissed the entire case on March 24.

186 days ago


All of them, the Jacksons and Debbie Rowe just see dollar bills.

If Michael thought she was such an excellent parent, he would have put her as the Guardian in his Will and that goes for those Jackson boys too.

The only person he could trust is his mother, then Diana Ross (who was his 2nd choice for Guardianship). The fact that Diana has decided not to get involved in this gong show, proves Diana would be the better choice. The people that truly loved Michael (Janet) for being Michael, need to convince Diana to step up and shut this **** down.

185 days ago


Deb should have payed him ugly bitch

183 days ago


I don't think it would be beneficial to this kids in any way to be removed from the environment they are in now where they know they are wanted and loved. Debbie Rowe turned her back on her two kids, for what ever reason, and is probably the worst person that could have them. It is particularly troubling to think that she wants to take the youngest one as well, who has no connection to her whatsoever. Money is all she's after. Soon, the oldest two will be able to live on their own and not have to worry about all of these people with ulterior motives. Terribly sad for them.

171 days ago
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