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Debbie Rowe

Michael's Brothers are Greedy Slackers

4/13/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson's money ... saying it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Sources connected to Rowe say Debbie expected Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie to attack her when word got out -- via TMZ -- that she would fight for the guardianship of Paris and Prince.

Michael's brothers came out swinging, saying Rowe took Michael's money and then ran away from her kids and her responsibilities.

But our sources say Rowe is pissed but not surprised at the attack, insisting she never abandoned her kids.  She says Michael constantly called her for parenting advice and she was always there for him and the children.

She also says Michael often told her the only sibling with any talent was Janet, and the others turned sponging off him into an art form.

Rowe -- who would also like to become Blanket's guardian -- is deeply fearful the kids have no proper supervision.  She thinks Katherine is a good woman but way too old and slow to care for the kids, and she thinks Michael's siblings all couldn't give a crap and they are all bad influences.

Rowe believes MJ's brothers oppose her plan to seek guardianship because they know if that happens a huge chunk of the money Katherine gets from the MJ Estate -- more than $50K in child support -- will dry up.

Rowe is saying she wants to move the kids to her ranch in Palmdale, where she has a successful horse breeding business.


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No kid wants to go live in a ranch.

193 days ago


She looks like an ugly fat man with a wig!

193 days ago


ugly fat bitch denying she sold her kids for money n now she wants them back for the same reason. one of her horses probably tore her stanky fat ***** up n now she needs surgery or something

193 days ago


Next breaking story.... in 5,4,3,2,1 Debbie Rowe files bankruptcy finances have been in ruin for years

193 days ago


Jackson paid her for the kdis. That's how she got her horse ranch. She's still better then the Jacksons that's not saying much.

Kids are old enough to decide.

193 days ago


Bout time they figure this all out Prince and Paris will be over 18 and legal adults. It appears Prince has a good standing at the school where he is, Paris may have inherited mental problems from her biological parents which have been exacerbated by Michael's death and being in the limelight as MJ's child. Who knows how Blanket will eventually turn out. I think Debbie Rowe is looking for some attention. The Brothers are at least trying to make an honest living. They have performed all over the world and had a successful run during their Vegas gig. I'm sure MJ did feel his brothers were living off him and their mother. A lot of families go through this, not just the Jacksons.

193 days ago


Breaking news! I have learned who TMZ's sources are. I am not lying. The writers hear voices in their heads. Schizophrenia, never to be revealed. Makes sense.

193 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Poor little rich kids. It turns out all those kids are worth to any of those people is $$. Debbie proved that when she sold them instead of finding a law firm that would have challenged MJ wanting her to give up rights. Hell, there would have been law firms freaking SALIVATING to get hold of that pro bono, so her loving mother instinct spin doesn't float.
I will grudgingly say the Jacksons tour and work in the industry, albeit using Michael's legend, not enormously successfully of course, but still, they're working. That aside, all they want is the $$ too. Jermaine can't even pay for his own spawn.
"Blanket" is doomed, always has been. There's something in that child's eyes that isn't quite right.
No wonder Paris is such a basket case.
I hope Prince has the presence of mind that he seems like he might, and makes his own way apart from all the family bullshlt. It still freaks me out that MJ used to dye his hair platinum when he was a toddler.
I hope those kids come out on the other end of this with some sort of stability. The Jackson family and Debbie Rowe, the egg donor, can all jump from a bridge.

193 days ago


The Jackson Brother's could live comfortably off of royalties from their Motown recordings but guess what?
They get no royalties. When they left Motown records in the late 1970's there was a contract clause that did not allow them to sign with another record company for 5 years. CBS records ( Epic) wanted to sign them. They gave up their royalties to go to CBS.
CBS was Micheal's eventual contact with Quincy and the rest is history. If they had waited five years to record, the "King of Pop" never would have happen.
Five years is a long time in show biz.
Joe Jackson realized years later the Motown deal was not the best.
Fast forward to 2014. The Jackson brother's should have learned to do other things behind the scenes if they wanted to remain in the entertainment industry.
Mike was in debt when he died. His primary interest was his children and mother. No one would have expected the estate to have made so much money.

193 days ago

terry j vey    

Almost anybody who associated with MJ was there for the money.I agree the kids probably aren'tgetting the best adult figures in life right now.Yet I doubt if Rowe is any better.

193 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Debbie is nothing more than a paid surrogate mother . Jacko was gay & a child molester, he wanted kids so Debbie & Arnie Klein mixed their sperm & egg & gave it to Wacko Jacko in exchange for millions. Now she wats to be a "mother"? More like she wants more money. Those poor kids.. The future does NOT look good for all.

193 days ago


If those kids stand a chance of a normal life, they've got to be taken away from the Jackson leeches. Their grandmother is too aged to be a proper quardian and the influence and example of Michael's brothers is corrupting.

I honestly think Debbie's idea of moving the kids away from LA and the corrupted Jackson household to a ranch is a good one, for now.

193 days ago

Margarida Maria    

In "testament" by Michael Jackson, which they say is "fake", says that the sons of Michael, should be under the care of Katherine Jackson, and lack thereof, of the singer Diana Ross.
Diana Ross's never been interested in Michael Jackson's children, she must have his reasons.
The older children of Michael Jackson, that are not biologically his, always had mother, Debbie Rowe. It is very easy to prove this with DNA test.
"Blanket" nobody knows who is his mother, and his father too.
It is necessary to be very careful with "Blanket". Imagine the confusion that must be the head, the mind and the heart of him. It is very cruel.
This is all the fault of Michael Jackson, who wanted to raise their children without a mother. He had control of everything, and now ?
Michael Jackson was right, to raise their children far from your family, this was very good for them. But they needed to have a mother, too, on this issue, he didn't act right.
The Jackson family, especially Michael Jackson's brothers, never was, and never will be, a good influence for Prince, Paris and Blanket.
I think Debbie Rowe is really worried about this whole situation. She must love her children, she is not a monster.
Debbie Rowe should stay with their children, Prince and Paris, and also with Blanket. Separate the three brothers is not good for them, since they were raised together. They should remain together.
I think Debbie Rowe should get good lawyers, do what's right, go up the Jackson family, a bunch of leeches, crazy for money, parasites, explorers.Debbie Rowe should act quickly, she waited too long to act.

193 days ago


Debbie sold her children, she should not have any rights to them now!

193 days ago


I doubt she said that. She hasnt said anything for years and I bet she will not start now.

193 days ago
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