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Donald Trump

Oscar Pistorius Is 'As Guilty As O.J.'

4/15/2014 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Trump is just as cynical about South African justice as he is of the American kind ... saying Oscar Pistorius is guilty as sin, but could get off because of his celebrity status. 

Trump tweeted this morning, "Oscar Pistorius, 'the blade runner,' is as guilty as O.J.  I wonder if the result will be the same?"

It's not hard to read between the lines ... despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him, O.J. was found "not guilty" of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman due, in part, to the fact he was a HUGE star at the time. 

Pistorius is just as big, if not bigger, in S.A. -- and clearly, Trump thinks his celebrity could have a serious impact on his murder case ... glove or no glove.

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Who cares what this baboon Chump's opinion is

155 days ago


OJ got off because he had the best lawyers money could buy. A lot of people found guilty would walk if they had those lawyers.

155 days ago


Pistorius has the legs
he doesn't need any gloves

155 days ago

Sally M    

I agree this guy is guilty. Implausible story, and no one fires four shots thru a door not knowing who is there. Some intruder is going to break in to your top floor to go to the bathroom? If you're in bed, hear a noise in the bathroom, the first thing you would determine is if it is your girlfriend in there! Not get a gun, plug four bullets thru the door and THEN go see if it was your girlfriend.

155 days ago

Obvious justice    

Keeping my fingers crossed and praying he is found Guilty! ... This man has anger snd jealousy issues and he killed her plain and dimple. It makes me sick that these stupid women are glorifying him! Dumb bitches!

155 days ago


I get so tired when people say I KNOW he is guilty!! When you ask why, then you are told because I watched the trial!
Wait a minute. A person has a FULL TIME JOB, a family, hobbies, and had time to WATCH the whole OJ trial??
That does not make sense because there are not enough hours in the day.

ps. Read Dr. Henry Lee's book on the OJ trial and then we can talk!

155 days ago


STFU Donald Trump. Walking around with that rat's nest on his head.

155 days ago



155 days ago

Luv EXO<3    

Leave Mr Trump ALone he is a good man not an insider trader/liar like Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump creates entry level jobs in construction and other fields

155 days ago


I used to like Trump when he released his first couple of books, but now he's devolved into a public side show.

155 days ago

Pamela Valemont    

Donald Trump said Oscar is guilty? This guy reckoned Obama shouldn't be President because he was born in *****ia! My God, Oscar must be Not Guilty! No doubt about it in my mind now!

155 days ago

C Leonard Fath, D.D.S.    

One statement that Pistorius made that added to my feeling of guilt is when he said he feared his life was in danger...not mentioning Reeva's life was also in danger.

151 days ago

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