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Jermaine Jackson

Debbie Rowe is CRAZY

MJ Would Be NOBODY Without the Jackson 5

4/15/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041414_jermaine_jackson_launch_v2Jermaine Jackson is reeling over Debbie Rowe's comment that Michael Jackson told her his brothers were talentless .... saying Michael owes his fame to his older siblings.

Jermaine was blunt in Calabasas Monday, telling TMZ, "If it wasn't for the Jackson 5 there would be no Michael Jackson," adding, "That's what gave him the launching pad to become what he became."

You have to watch the whole video. It's shocking.

As we reported, Debbie Rowe's been saying -- Michael believed the only one with talent in his family was Janet.

Jermaine also addresses Debbie's claims he's using MJ's kids to mooch off the estate.

Jermaine suggests he doesn't need the MJ estate's money because he made a fortune with the Jackson 5 -- tell that to the baby mama who's been hunting him down for child support for years.



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Has anyone ever considered this is probably what caused him to use drugs.

156 days ago


That is like saying Dr.Dre made Eminem. Michael Jackson started with a group but ultimately his star shinned brighter enabling him to leave while he was young.If the group made MJ what he was how come the group couldn't produce another superstar in all this time.

156 days ago


GTFOH I hate a money hungry ass relative. They feel entitled and that's disgusting and so is his hair!

156 days ago

Dee Kat    

The only reason ppl even care about the Jackson's in cuz of Michael and Janet. That is one beautiful women rite there

156 days ago


He's greedy an bitter.

156 days ago


This wrong from both of them.Let the man Rest in Peace.

156 days ago


FIRSTLY, Debbie didn't abandon her children--It was part of the arrangement she had with Michael.
SECONDLY, how many times has the Jackson brothers attempted to resurrect themselves through performing the tired and forgotten Jackson 5 music, and they STILL haven't launched a career---because they're talentless.
THIRDLY, Jermaine is stupid. Bad mouthing Debbie and Michael is not going to endear the ATM, I mean kids to him.
FORTHLY, the operative word is Jermaine "HAD" a ranch and has NOTHING today. BTW I didn't get what he was trying to say that he called her because they both had ranch.
FIFTHLY, singling out Prince suggest that the other kids is not buying what the family is selling. The bottom line, as acknowledged the kids are ultimately going to make the call--and it's not looking good for the family---and pressuring Prince is not only unfair, but hopefully the kid will have the balls to make the right decision for his best interest.
SIXTLY, Jermaine was right---the brothers MADE money, BACK IN THE DAY. They're not making sh!t today. The whole clan, except is living off of MJ
Man, Jermaine got pissed, because he said that he's "fit-na to curse". Frankly, I was more distracted that he didn't wear a bra--nobody is interested in seeing his nipples.

156 days ago


See what happens when those chemicals from black hair dye seep into your brain? They should add a new warning to the box, such as "may cause delusions of grandeur"

156 days ago

Diamond 772    

If it wasn't for Michael it would have not been no jackson 5 .only the 4 brothers had talent was the instruments . Michael had the voice, and plus he can dance

156 days ago


I think Jermaine and the rest of the asses in that family are in for a rude awakening.... Katherine seems like the only decent one but will not live forever.... Those kids are getting older and it wont be long before they can do what they want... Hell they could hire their own lawyers and apply for legal emancipation. I could list everything wrong that could be thrown at the Jackson siblings but i dont have that kind of time. Sure Michael got his start in the Jackson 5 but if that was all it took then the rest would have done well too. Michael was unbelievably talented and obviously meant to be a performer BUT being in the Jackson 5 and under that crazy ass Fathers control also destroyed him. Jermaine and the rest need to back the hell off and start thinking about the damage being done to those kids. What Debbie did in the past has nothing to do with now and at least she seems to be trying to do the right thing.

156 days ago


All of them are ****in mooches Debbie Rowe included. Arrangement or not She Gave birth to and abandoned her kids for money which makes her no better than them! The Jackson 5 did NOT make Michael! Michael made the Jackson 5...The girls were crazy over Michael not his freeloading brothers & father!

156 days ago


double A cups

156 days ago


At least he is being honest when he says that it is up to the kids it seems to me that if he were trying to be shady he would not have presented that option to make it easier for the kids to leave because you know that the 2 oldest kids go on TMZ.

156 days ago


Jermaine think of it this way. Michael Beyond the Grave got you Money doing Celebrity Wife Swap. When Celebrity Wife Swap Advertises, they do not play Jermaine Jackson Music they play Michael Jackson Music the Real Star and Talent from a Bunch of Hack Brothers. When you go on stage in Vegas, It is Not Jermaine Jackson Music you Play, It is Michael Jackson Music you Play.

156 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Yeah but you could've put Michael in front of 4 chimps and people would've seen his talent...oh wait. There's a reason he sold so many records after he left the Jackson5. His brothers rode his coat tails til the day he died and continue to do so. They should get jobs

156 days ago
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