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Miley Cyrus

Death of Dog Triggered Illness

... Which Triggered Hospitalization

4/16/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_miley_cyrus_gettyMiley Cyrus may have been rushed to the hospital because of a bad reaction to antibiotics, but we're told the reason she was on the meds was because she wore herself down by hard partying and an emotional meltdown over the death of her dog.

Sources connected to Miley tell TMZ ... she has been "an emotional mess" since her dog Floyd died earlier this month.  We're told she had crying fits and has been unable to sleep.

Our sources say Miley's escape has been partying ... as one person said, "She's been off the rails since this happened."  We're told she's been drinking a lot and drugs are also involved.

We're told Miley was on meds because she got sick from being extremely worn down.

Everything's connected to everything.

We reached out to Miley's rep ... so far no word back.



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GOOD GOD PEOPLE USE YOUR BRAINS. They did not give her antibiotics because she was exhausted. Stress and exhaustion led to her getting sick and requiring antibiotics. IDIOCRACY...MURICA

193 days ago


Why do ppl pay to promote her disgusting habits in life? She doesn't care about her fans! So selfish! And ditch the uglt hair do!!!

193 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

She's a regular Mother Theresa, that one. So now it's no longer an allergic reaction but she's been drinking and drugging because her dog died? I can't wait to hear the next story.

193 days ago


BULLSH*T! I don't care that you're a celebrity. Celebrity's don't have different insides from us normal people. I don't care how stressful your job or your life is. There is no damn way she got that upset over that dog. I don't care if they were lovers or if she may have a weakened immune system from drugs or whatever. There are far more emotionally distraught people in this world on way more drugs that don't go to the damn hospital because "my poor doggy died and I feel sick." Grow up and stop looking for excuses to lie away what's really wrong with you. Your life is easier than most. Be glad and quit pulling this "exhaustion" sh*t. Its pathetic.

193 days ago


Poor Horse teeth!

193 days ago


She's in the hospital because of her love if drugs.

193 days ago


she looks like a little gay boy. nothing wrong with that

193 days ago


So sorry about your doggy Miley. I have a 12 year old Golden Retriever and am trying to prepare myself for what will probably happen soon. He is my boy.

193 days ago


I call bull ****.....just sayin'

193 days ago

Just a Thought    

SUCK IT THE F@%* UP!!! It was a freakin dog!! We have all lost a beloved pet or someone important to us but to use this as a lame excuse for a meltdown. C'mon!!! She is a lonely pathetic attention whore!! Who will be D
OA first?? Miley, Lindsey or Amanda?? Maybe they should all start hanging out together.....Just a thought

193 days ago

Black Adam    

If Katy Perry ends up sick too then we will know that Miley was patient Zero.

193 days ago


Could it be from always having that nasty tongue of hers always sticking out licking everything in sight? Herpes b*tch you got herpes.

193 days ago


whats has this world come to, lip-syncing drugged hillbilly.quick give me another joint

193 days ago


Oh brother! . . . look, I can certainly relate to the loss of a dog and how it can be devastating, but making it all about you and playing it all out in public, with a huge statue and breaking down in front of everyone or posting about it on Twitter etc is just narcissism to extreme. No different than she does every day in her desperate quest for attention. What ever happened to quietly grieving in public and not making a press opportunity out of everything? I admit though that I'm REALLY sick of all these fame whore pop princesses.

193 days ago


The dog was probably glad to get away from her and her the whore.

193 days ago
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