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Miley Cyrus

Death of Dog Triggered Illness

... Which Triggered Hospitalization

4/16/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_miley_cyrus_gettyMiley Cyrus may have been rushed to the hospital because of a bad reaction to antibiotics, but we're told the reason she was on the meds was because she wore herself down by hard partying and an emotional meltdown over the death of her dog.

Sources connected to Miley tell TMZ ... she has been "an emotional mess" since her dog Floyd died earlier this month.  We're told she had crying fits and has been unable to sleep.

Our sources say Miley's escape has been partying ... as one person said, "She's been off the rails since this happened."  We're told she's been drinking a lot and drugs are also involved.

We're told Miley was on meds because she got sick from being extremely worn down.

Everything's connected to everything.

We reached out to Miley's rep ... so far no word back.



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boo boo    

They don't prescribe antibiotics for depression, exhaustion or sleeping disorders. They prescribe antibiotics for bacterial infections. You can't get a bacterial infection from mourning the death of a pet. Rehab babe - go there!

100 days ago


I think everyone already knew she OD'd.

100 days ago

boo boo    

Also: "off the rails"....sounds like she's been on the rails - big fat rails.

100 days ago


UM antibiotics is if you have an infection. Not because you are depressed and partying hard with no sleep. Who is she kidding??

100 days ago


Excuses is an epidemic. Everyone can say no, no thanks, or walk away. But prefer the "Hey f*** it, its myself", and when sh** hits the fan, its mommy, daddy, guess what. Or even I'll wear less reveling clothes, with glasses. Celebrities are huge victims. Get In Tune with the Real World

100 days ago


todays so called stars are always boning st. louis
they rarely book there and if they do they always get *sick* and have to cancel

100 days ago


Oh LOOK, TMZ is trying like hell to Lindsey Lohan Miley Cyrus now. This, after how many hundred posts about Bieber THISCLOSE to a "breakdown" and whatever. They have to Lindsay Lohan SOMEBODY since LL isn't giving them any material anymore.

100 days ago


Looks staged to me. The girl is nuts. She needs mental help, not anitibiotics. It may be all connected but she is sure as heck, disconnected, Big Time.

100 days ago


She looks like a walking std

100 days ago

Just Steve    

Look her mouths open so someone c an pop some more antibiotics down her throat!! O when will this abuse end???.. Tmz

100 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

Who cares? Welcome to everyday life of the not so rich and famous. This happens to us regular folk everyday Miley.

100 days ago


Umm. last i knew antibiotics were for an infection not for the death of a dog..get real and quit lying. If anything she has some sort of venereal disease. The girl is gross.

100 days ago


Its just a dog! Geez miley is having a break down from all the other stuff!

100 days ago


duh... of course drugs.. she does Molly's, and x...

100 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

Is the dog going to be buried with its tongue hanging out of his mouth.

100 days ago
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