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Bryan Singer Accuser

I Was Repeatedly Raped at Hollywood Orgies

4/17/2014 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Egan, who just sued "X-Men" director Bryan Singer for allegedly sexually assaulting him when he was a minor, says he complained to the LAPD that he was repeatedly sodomized at Hollywood parties by various moguls ... but no action was taken.

Egan says he and other minors were passed around like pieces of meat at sex parties, and he claims Singer was not alone.

Egan says his mother went to the FBI and LAPD back in 2000 and he was even interviewed ... he has no idea what happened. 

Egan says he sued 2 men who he claims molested him at parties back in 2000, but Singer was NOT named.  Egan's current lawyer, Jeff Herman, doesn't know why his client's former lawyer did not sue the "X-Men" director.

The home where the sexually-charged pool parties allegedly occurred was in Encino.  It used to be owned by Suge Knight, who sold it Marc Collins-Rector.  Suge is not involved in the case, but Egan says Collins-Rector was one of the main perps.  Criminal charges were filed against Collins-Rector -- he copped a plea to one count of having sex with a minor.  Attorney Herman says Collins-Rector has fled the country.

Egan says the men at the party would pour liquor down his throat and then sexually assault him.  In one case he says Collins-Rector put a gun in his mouth and threatened him. 

Egan says other minors were also abused, and Herman vows to file 3 or 4 more lawsuits against the alleged perps by next Thursday.

Egan went on to say there was a "no swimsuit" rule in the pool, and he was raped numerous times by numerous individuals.

Herman said "Hollywood moguls have been using their positions of authority to exploit children sexually."

Bryan Singer's lawyer tells TMZ the allegations are absurd and defamatory.



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And was he kidnapped when he flew to Hawaii AFTER the incident in Encino? You had 15 years to come forward. Tough luck money hungry guy!

187 days ago


he took it like a man when he was a boy
a turdburglar kiddie,a pervomo toy
underwater skills like Flipper oh-boy
now the big pay-off will bring him much joy!

187 days ago

Wow ...    

When it comes to things like this, there has to be truth involved in his story. Otherwise, Marty Singer, aka pitbull atty, will go after the guy for slander, libel, defamation etc. Only the alleged victim knows why he would reveal it to the public now, after all this time has passed.

187 days ago


The boy was a MINOR. It's statutory rape. Do gay men get a pass just because many gay men are attracted to teen boys? A lot of straight guys are attracted to teen girls, but most know better than to act on it.

187 days ago

None Ya     

I can't believe the ignorance here! Do you know how long it can take for a victim to come forward??? We are lucky he came forward at all! The sad part is that because of the time it took him to come forward it will only be one word against the other. Seriously, pedos are everywhere and can hide who they really are and fool everyone. I've seen this first hand! They have always said there was child sexploitation in Hollywood...they've said it for years. How many high profile people have been accused and all of the suddent drop off the radar? or the publicly "drop their suit" for most likely a big pay off from whoever. It's not just in's everywhere! PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

187 days ago


I hope more accusers come out

187 days ago


Michael Jackson Got Away With Molesting.

This Guy Probably Doesn't Have An Extra 20 Million
So..........It's Jerry Sandusky Time.

187 days ago


Cry me a `` river!!!!!

187 days ago


They were putting guns in his mouth and anally raping him, then taking him to auditions. And he didn't leave but continued to stay with them. Doesn't make sense.

187 days ago


ONE would think that after the first time
He wouldn't go back for seconds and thirds!!
And to Hawaii TWICE!!
GET the FUQ real!!!!!

187 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    


187 days ago

Fred Thompson    

This probably occurred, but at the end of the day this guy needs money and should at least be honest about it. He's saying "Oh, I am just doing this to help others". He's doing it to help his pocketbook.

I assume the statute of limitations is way past on this.

187 days ago


The only reason I'm inclined to believe him is he didn't hire Gloria Allred.

187 days ago

Black Adam    

These kids are big and strong enough to fight back. He waited all this time to say something? These Gay dudes kill me trying to get a payday, when they were more than willing to commit unspeakable acts against nature itself. Disgusting Freaks, where no amount of Penance can save them.

187 days ago


Tmz: do you have a link to the press conference live?

187 days ago
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