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Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper

Haunting Video Before Penis Massacre

'God's Everything'

4/17/2014 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041714_christ_bearer_launchThree years before Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Andre Johnson (aka Christ Bearer) severed his penis -- he told TMZ all about  his obsession with God.

We just dug up the 2011 video -- Johnson appears happy and optimistic, explaining his rap name Christ Bearer stems from God's influence. He told us, "God's everything. God's me. God's you. God is everywhere." He also calls RZA a "genius of life."

It all sounds harmless enough, but in the current context, it's eerie.


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some guy    

Crazy bible thumpers. They should all do this and stop reproducing.

159 days ago


I'd still do his stub.

159 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

Maybe with technology, they can make him a prosthetic penis. Fully functional, not like a strap on....

I'm praying for him.

159 days ago


This video is 3 years old. Clearly a lot has changed in his life since then! That headline made it seem like it was a very recent encounter

159 days ago


He has paranoid schizophrenia. Religious delusions of being god-like can come with the territory when unmedicated.
I wish people would show more compassion for the mentally ill. She is suffering and obviously when he mutilated himself and jumped from a balcony, his delusions and hallucinations were frightening him.

159 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Again: Probably, like the so-called "Wu-Tang Klan",
and many others in Hip Hop, he is a member of
the false-worshipers "Five Percenters".
Believing their own Hate-filled man-made doctrine, which labels themselves as "gods".

After the late, great Joe Frazier delivered a proper
beat-down to Cassius Clay, he was quoted:
"god, just got his a** kicked"
May The True and Living Yahweh, bless your everlasting soul, Mr. Frazier.

159 days ago

She's baaaack    

It seemed to me that the pap said God is everything first. That guy was talking like a rapper trying to be cool but he was perfectly lucid. That must have been some crazy shlt that he smoked or ingested.

159 days ago


TMZ, GOD is everything and there is nothing eerie about HIM. Whatever was going on with this guy was something that had nothing to do with who GOD is...

158 days ago


Too much mollies...

158 days ago


He should have chosen a taller building to jump. Now there is no way back from all this. Unless he wants to do another attempt in few months time.

158 days ago


Oh yeah,if thats true,the 2pac got sjot with rubber bullets.

157 days ago


Well he was on PCP so it probably wasn't scripture that caused this but if he was thinking about the Bible verse that says "if your eye causes you to sin pluck it out for it is better to enter heaven blind than go to hell whole" (That's paraphrased but accurate). So if he was high and thinking "Well, if I don't have my d*ck I won't be able to f*ck all these hot b*tches like I do and I really do want to go to heaven soooo... Well I guess my d*ck just has to go..". Of course now that he's not high on PCP he will definitely be suicidal and monitored very closely by professionals. All I know is that if I went crazy and did this, I would off myself for sure... There is nothing more precious to a dude than his junk.

156 days ago
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