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Justin Bieber

Channels His Inner Kanye

'Just Don't Talk'

4/17/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041714_justin_bieber_launch_v2Justin Bieber is sampling Kanye West -- not in music, but his contempt for photogs -- breaking out a stripped-down version of Yeezy's infamous "don't talk" rant.
Kanye unleashed the egomaniacal warning last July ... scolding our camera guy for having the gall to say he was a huge fan.

Bieber broke out his soft-spoken version on Wednesday at The Grove, telling our photog, "You can film me ... just don't talk."

First he borrowed a car, then a boat, now a rant ... it's time he got his own material.


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Memo to Justin Bieber : Even with the tattoos and body guards you're still a talent-less douche-bag from Canada with a zero fan base in both America and Canada!

128 days ago

Rectum?Damn Nearly Killed Him    

Good Canadian Kid, a victim of his environment

128 days ago


Is that the Cory kid from the Disney channel? Why do people hate Justin so much? Its kinda day irrational.

128 days ago


What a douche weasel

128 days ago


Shorty wanna be a thug!

128 days ago


I'm guessing he knows your paps\photogs by now tmz and since your not his friend exactly he politely but firmly asked the photog\pap not to talk to him...but man did it take the guy a long time to come up with the question about Selena and try and get a rise out of him..geeeez..btw. What's your monthly Bieber budget to buy all that inside information on him?

128 days ago


Isn't it cute that your just mad because he hasn't given you a story lately... Awww! Hahaha. He isn't taking anyone's rant. It's called he doesn't want to put up with your bull****.

128 days ago


Most of the comments on this article make little to no sense. He seems very calm and collected in this video. Glad he's been on his best behavior recently. I'm not quite sure why people are saying that's he's being a prick when he barely said anything.

128 days ago


.....and AGAIN....wearing the SAME lame azz pair of black leather "MC Hammer" pants that he has to tug up every 10-15 seconds because even though they completely wrap around his ankles, his booty ain't big enough to hold 'em up yet. Leather doesn't wash too well, so one can only IMAGINE how sweaty NASTY and RANK those pants must smell in the crotch area. GROSS OUT CITY for this little douchebag......

128 days ago


People are so vapid they need to **** on a teenager only teenagers listen to. For everyone over 18 putting down this little whatever- you need to find the meaning in your life and grow up and get a paying job

128 days ago


He didn't borrow a damn boat he just got on it. And he kinda is borrowing a car. But just Bc he said " don't talk" doesnt mean he's copying. This story is dumb

128 days ago


All of you calling Justin out of his name and going around disrespecting him, I think you should read this. The way you bad mouth people is absolutely PATHETIC and it needs to stop. Almost, the entire world is bullying this poor guy over something stupid. Yes, he was arrested but it was a mistake and in order to learn from them you have to experience them. There is far more worse going on in the world but yet, you always have to point out the imperfections of one person. Half the accusations aren't even true. Yes, he's had its wrong but that doesn't make him a bad person. How about these people who are like, "He's trying to act Black?" Why? Just because he dresses and dances a certain way? What exactly does it even mean to 'Act Black?' I feel for him, it makes me want to cry. I can't imagine how it feels to be bullied by people you don't even know. I can't even imagine how it feels to have people who said they were your 'fans of supporters' turn on you so fast. He is very talented, but you people are turning him into something that ceases to exist. He isn't a bad person. First, you call him gay but now he's a wanna be thug? That is BULLYING. So what, he's a celebrity. He still has feelings and doesn't deserve all of the hate. -Justin's FAITHFUL Believers <3

128 days ago


BREAKING NEWS---Beiber caught blowing Lance Bass.

128 days ago


The little douche bag thinks he's all that lol

128 days ago


Go home you waste. Take Raquel with you when you go. She's terrible.

128 days ago
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