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Transgender B. Scott

Loses Discrimination Battle with BET

4/17/2014 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BET can dress its hosts however the hell it wants -- even if that means forcing a transgender person to dress like a man -- and that's why the judge threw out B. Scott's discrimination lawsuit.

TMZ broke the story, Scott sued the network, claiming it humiliated him during the BET Awards last year by forcing him to change from women's clothes into men's clothes ... and then yanking him off the show entirely.

But the judge in the case just ruled in the network's favor, dismissing the lawsuit.

The judge ruled BET has the 1st Amendment right to run its shows the way it wants ... and that includes ordering Scott to change from women's to men's clothes ... and that's that.

Scott tells TMZ, "It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn't a message of acceptance, but rather it's acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression."

Scott's attorney has said he plans to appeal the decision. 



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I'm pretty sure BET has Attorneys and knew about discrimination laws before B Scott came along. This is silly.

189 days ago


That's a shame, and I feel sorry for her. Yes, they can dress their hosts however they want, but you honestly can't tell me that forcing a trans woman to wear men's clothes isn't an act of bigotry. Also, the article uses the wrong pronouns for her. Ew.

189 days ago


You are a MAN!!!!!!!!!

189 days ago


I was required to wear a conservative neutral color outfit while at work… it was company policy and I didn't have a choice, other than to quit. It's how it works. There are dress codes. Live with it.

Ok, for trans gender people it can get more complicated, but still, the employer calls the shots. If someone was hired as a male… he/she can't just change horses mid stream, at least where appearance is concerned… especially for on air employees, as image counts. They have even less control.

189 days ago


Good. Stop tolerating their nonsense.

189 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

Being a freak is not protected.Do us all a favor just jump off a high building.And take the rest of the tranny freaks with you.You were born defective and we don't need or want you.

189 days ago


I'm sorry, but I agree with this ruling. Entertainment, Modeling, and Fashion Industries have privilege of creativity. This same privilege is likely what got someone as beautiful as B. Scott where they are today. I'm sure there were many transgender persons who were as or more qualified to host, but in entertainment, beauty, style, and charisma wins. Yet, you don't see those who were not chosen screaming, 'Discrimination'. BET contracted you, you use their lights, their camera, their network to broadcast yourself into millions of households who don't even know what a B.Scott is and you have the audacity to get upset over what you could not wear. Serious? I think B. Scott needs to have tea with Oprah and learn a few things about showbiz and climbing ladders. Oprah bit her tongue and adapted until she got enough credibility and pull to call her own shots. If you want to be treated equally and exercise your rights to dress like a woman, I'm sure I can find you a 9-5 here at my corporation; but if you want to be in showbiz you must learn to adjust. Also, I see that Ms. Mariah Carey isn't coming to B. Scott's aide, mainly because she knows better. Have a seat B. Scott, there are many battles to fight, this just isn't one of them. And I hate that you've pissed off a media giant as big as Viacom, tisk, tisk, tisk. Think of the impact you could have had on the gay and transgender community if you would have just held your tongue.

189 days ago

stfu please     

That's what his dumbass gets. Opportunist

189 days ago


Mutilating your genitals doesnt make you a girl. He ways has been and always will be a guy. Everybody has problems and being transgender is no bigger than anyone elses issues. Suck it up and move on with your life.

189 days ago


Want to be seen as equals? Dont ask for special treatment.

189 days ago


Gross tranny!!

189 days ago


Outfits are prety similar, looks just fine either way. Certainly no reason to sue.

189 days ago


Neither is a MANS outfit ! What man would wear that ! Comeon !

189 days ago


What some of you don't seem to realize, is that the first outfit was already pre-approved by BET, not to mention that B. Scott has acted as a judge in the past for Rip The Runway. They KNEW who they were hiring on as a host, and they KNEW about his style of dress.

Comparing BET to your standard 9-to- 5 is a comparison that falls hilariously flat. There have been female hosts in the past that have dressed with their boobs practically hanging out. BET doesn't have a dress code.

They decided that they didn't want B. Scott due to him being transgender. They didn't want him to represent BET based alone off of his sexual orientation and that IS wrong. Have you all conveniently forgotten about their insincere apology to B. Scott failing after the plans of covering the whole thing up came to light?

People seem to be happy and honky-dory with the gays as long as they're cooking your food, fixing your hair, and designing your clothes. The members of the LGBT community are NO LESS human than you are. The amount of ignorance runs so rampant when you're able to hide behind a keyboard and spew hatred. Pitiful.

189 days ago

Black Adam    

Real Black Folk don't fool with no Gay.

189 days ago
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