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Nancy Grace


Wrestlers Warned to Stay Away!!

4/18/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0417-nancy-grace-wwe-01Nancy Grace is being BLACKBALLED by the WWE over the way she covered the death of the Ultimate Warrior ... with superstars (past and present) being warned stay off her show -- OR ELSE!

Grace most recently enraged WWE officials when she had Diamond Dallas Page on her HLN show and strongly insinuated that Warrior's death was the result of steroid and drug abuse. 

In fact, she even brought a doctor on the show -- who never treated Warrior -- to speculate that steroids and drugs directly led to the deaths of scores of young wrestlers. 

She even scrolled a list of names -- which included Owen Hart -- who died during a freak accident on the set ... which had NOTHING to do with drugs or 'roids. 

Now, we're told WWE is circling the wagons to ostracize Grace -- and though they haven't sent any official memos, we're told there's a strong word going around the grapevine that anyone connected to the brand should STAY AWAY from Nancy if they wanna keep a working relationship. 

... and that's the bottom line. 

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Ummm shevwas talking about how a lot of wrestlers seem to die at a young or least younger age then most people and she showed a list of wrestlers that died young that's all. Now Nancy Grace annoys me but thia is stupid she simply asked about steroids and said that steriods cause heart attacks and that could be a possibility and that these young athletes are using them and dying and its sad but the list was not about steriod users just young wrestlers who died period.

151 days ago


This chick is annoying....her and that man woman Jane Velez.......its all ratings people, she's in it for shock value....always sayin stupid ****....."news" at its finest.....

151 days ago

donald keith    

hey Nancy here's your chance to turn this one on yourself. come on tell us how you use to use steroids and drugs until you wised up and became the big super star you are now ! LMAO blow it out your ass porky !

151 days ago


This woman loves to piss ppl off. Someone should super glue her mouth shut....

151 days ago


Nancy Grace is a hateful bottom-feeding hack.

151 days ago


I'm not a fan of Grace. Nor am I fan of WWE. Just not my thing. HOWEVER..

They're absolutely right. I have to avoid Grace because she violates every rule of common decency. She takes her own theories, usually meant to insert unnecessary drama into her stories.. then pulls in a few dozen people who want nothing but screen time and publicity.. to back up her "theories". It is absolutely disgusting.

The man's lifestyle and genetics likely has a great deal to do with heart disease. As it does with everyone else on the planet who has it, including me. (Double bypass by 42.) He was in the bullseye , age wise alone, that nearly guaranteed heart issues. Shove the drugs issue off the table, and look at what wrestlers have to do to naturally maintain bulk. Carb loading alone means keep an eye on your heart.

Shame on her. His family hadn't even had a chance to bury him, much less mourn him, before she exploited the story for air time. I hope they are successful in razing this woman back into the rat hole she continues to crawl out of.

Be careful Nancy. Your own history and fleshy stories aren't that buried. Exploitation and causing pain and trauma can effect your kids down the line too. Let's hope no one digs all your dirt up and waves it on cable news, to entertain the masses.

Or perhaps they should.

151 days ago


He probably did die from heart problems related to steroid use years ago. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would stay away from Nancy Grace and her show. That should be common sense.

151 days ago


Nancy Grace knows nothing. She decides she is right and then maintains that opinion no matter what the facts are. Sure, wrestlers have died of drugs and steroids or complications thereof but many died of non-drug related things such as poor Owen Hart, one of the cleanest wrestlers out there. These days, these guys live healthier lifestyles than ever. They learned from their predecessors just as people who quit smoking realized how dangerous it was after seeing so many deaths and illnesses it caused. You can't clump everyone together in any profession. Warrior died of a massive heart attack. Was it from past abuses? No idea. But it wasn't from sterioids or drugs NOW. He moved past that crap years ago.

151 days ago


Warrior may have died of a heart attack, but be honest, WWE. In a time when nobody really batted an eye at steroid use, a lot of wrestlers have juiced. However, Warrior's death was not a direct cause of steroids, it was an INDIRECT cause of death.

I used to actually watch Nancy Grace's show, because she would talk about cases that wouldn't otherwise be shown on mainstream news channels, but then "Tot Mom" happened, and everything went to ****.

151 days ago


A lot of you people are dumb. You have no idea what you're talking about. It's like that april fools prank article that had people commentating without even bothering to look at the article. The article contained no information whatsoever yet people were giving their comments.

This is what you sound like. You don't know the business, yet you give some comments as if you knew everything. You guys are hypocrites just like Nancy Grace. This monster even said that Owen Hart (who died on live television) died of steroid abuse.

She is misinformed just like some of you. Anybody who supports her or watches her show deserves to be locked away at a remote island and never to surface again on this world. The fact that she still has a job shows you what the mainstream media really care about. Controversy and ratings. It's like in Anchorman 2 when Burgundy proposes to "Give the people what they want" as news. This is exactly the same thing.

Nancy Grace is s*** and if I remember correct, wasn't she involved in a rape case in which she lied? Just look at her eyes, it's the eyes of an attention whore human trash.

151 days ago

Tony Locacio    

This woman, if I can call her that, is no more than a sensationalist trying to look and sound smart. I will not watch GMA anymore because when she's on it makes me sick to my stomach to listen to her whinning ass and disputing with a man who truly has intelligence and she needs attention and this how she gets it. BAN HER BY ALL MEANS EVERYONE!!

151 days ago


She still has a show?

151 days ago


Okay TMZ! This is no surprise, Nancy Grace is always pissed off about something.

151 days ago


Nancy Grace is poison. She trashes innocent people. Will interviews anyone with a comment without fact checking. She's the on air national enquirer.

151 days ago


Wwe will do anything to cover up the truth

151 days ago
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