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Tito Jackson

Jermaine Didn't Mean Michael Would Be Nothing

Without Jackson 5

4/19/2014 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Jackson calmly and coolly defended his brother Jermaine, who told TMZ earlier in the week, "If it wasn't for the Jackson 5, there would be no Michael Jackson."

Tito told our photog in Calabasas Friday ... Jermaine was misunderstood, and he explains why.

Tito also bristled at Debbie Rowe's comment to us ... the Jackson 4 are all bad influences on Michael's kids.

TMZ broke the story ... Debbie intends to seek guardianship of Paris and Prince -- her biological kids -- and would also like to bring Blanket along for the ride, because she believes the current guardianship is damaging all 3 children.


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That sweater does nothing for that side profile.

154 days ago


These Jackson bottom feeders live in the same hood as the Kartrashian bottom feeders.

154 days ago


Jermaine said exactly what he meant. He thinks he is responsible for MJ's success and entitled to the benefits.

154 days ago


The Thickest Jackson

154 days ago


The jackson 5 will never be alive you neggaz is jive. Rest in paradise mj

154 days ago


Jacksons would be nothing without Michael, who would be nothing without Motown, who would be nothing with Berry Gordy, who would be nothing without Diana Ross, who WAS something without the Supremes, who went broke UNLIKE the Jacksons. ****ing ingrates!

154 days ago


I think Jermaine said the Jackson 5 were the platform Michael started from, and by this he (really) meant the other 4 brothers (plus Randy, because of the Jacksons, of course) are entitled to a) some of the funds - I mean, you have to look at it as *investment*, or a platform rental fee and payback is due now, and b) to talk to TMZ and any other media outlet that comes their way (Tito had some nice articles , was it the Daily Mail back in 2009? And he did a lot of talking around the David Gest film about gate crashing and/or gate hopping, so that's for the class Tito has), and c) to show up on TV shows like "Wife Swap" (I am skipping the "celebrity" part for a reason), and that includes Mr. Tito Jackson's sons - I do not think any artist with some standing visits those kinds of shows, so that is that for now.

154 days ago


So tired of hearing about this crap, give the the kids and the money, the bros need to stay out of it! As if they didn't get enough money from MJ when he was alive. How were they all of them brothers and sisters able to live in mansions , nice cars, etc, when none of them work???? Janet and Michael took care of all of them, that's why they were so close, cause they were getting used by their own family, I hope she gets those kids and takes all their money

153 days ago

Mick from uk    

If Tito hadn't picked up his fathers guitar and broke a string there would be no Jackson 5. Read about it in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker book

153 days ago

K South West    

You WHITE people at TMZ and the WHITE fans who started to listen to michael after he wasn't even allowed on WHITE MTV until the early 90s! You try to divide us. NO MICHAEL WOULD BE NOBODY without the J5 . You WHITES don't realize the historic significance of the J5. Even the FACT that they were the FIRST african american cartoon on TV that didn't feed into your poor racial stereotypes. LEAVE the J5 ALONE. NSYNC BACKSTREET BOYS ALLL FAKE J5

153 days ago


Who did he kill to get that ugly shirt

153 days ago


sorry Tito, but Jermaine did- he's that much of an idiot!

153 days ago


To All My Fellow MJ Fans

I would like to wish All of You

A Happy & Blessed Easter!

Remember what the Lord Our God
has done for All of Mankind on this
Blessed Day!

Thank You Jesus, for saving mankind of
all his sins, and opening the Gates of Heaven
to All of those who Believe !

Blessed Be the Lord Our God,
His Son, and the Holy Spirit!

153 days ago


I pray that All of You will have a Happy & Blessed Easter!

Would anyone of us, endure what our Lord Jesus did - to redeem mankind of all his sins? Seriously doubt it!

We give Thanks to Thee, Dear Lord.
For Giving All of Us the sacrifice's you have made
to bring us all into a closer relationship with
Our Heavenly Father.

There is No Greater Gift - than that of Love!
Let Love guide you in all things.

153 days ago

Truth Be Told    

Katherine has been using her share of the money that Michael allotted to her in his will - to support not only his sibling's but Joe as well. However, when Katherine dies, then her share will revert back to the kids. According to MJs will - Charity receives a portion, Katherine receives a portion, and the bulk of it is distributed evenly amongst the kids.

So not only do the brothers want to keep the kids close because of that, but also, the kids share in addition to what they will get when Katherine dies will more than quadruple. Especially, with the Estate bringing in the money it is - promoting Michael and his music and image even now! Which is also the reason why Debbie wants them now.

Lets hope that the courts will designate someone from outside of the family to oversee the kids until they become of legal age. In that way, no one in the family will get anything nor will Debbie Rowe! Since they all trying to get on and stay on the money train.

153 days ago
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