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Floyd Mayweather

I Know The Secret for Perky Balls

4/21/2014 6:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Do your balls hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie 'em in a knot? Can you tie 'em in a bow? 

If not ... and you wanna keep 'em from saggin' down to your ankles ... take a listen to Floyd Mayweather -- who says he has the secret to keep your twins high and tight for life! 

Floyd revealed his secret on Showtime's "All Access -- Mayweather vs. Maidana" ... telling a few female friends why it's imperative men wear tights when they go to sleep.

Because as Floyd says ... no one wants to look like your cojones are hangin' on a "bungee cord."

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Wife beater Mayweather

185 days ago


I feel like I just watched Warren yelling, "pork and beans! pork and beans!"

185 days ago


Floyd Mayweather smiling like an idiot, looks up to the sky for answers, crosses his eyes to think harder, and then opens his mouth to spew nonsense.

185 days ago

K South West    

Floyd checkin out crotches...

185 days ago


Idiot!! To bad he doesn't have a clue WTH he's talking about, men are NOT supposed to wear tight underwear because it drops their sperm count.. He's a total dumba$$ and to bad the low sperm count thing didn't work on preventing him from re-producing!!

185 days ago


More hard evidence that god is really one perverted old fellow, in his creation of the human anatomy, he decided to bless sexual organs with utter ugliness.
God: Hey huMAn, do you want some woMan?
HuMan: Heck yeah.
God: Well go get it then...
HuMan: Am all in Gee, am diving in...emmm
God: What happened men..I mean man?
HuMan: The entrance is super gross, and not sexxxy at all!
God: I never said anything about sex being sex, or the organ for that matter...
HuMan: But, Gee, Pretty Boy told me another story
God: Oh you Man, Floyd was talking about testicular phenotype not...
HuMan: Not what Gee?
God: That thing thatmake the world go around.
HuMan: I feel you man, I feel you.
God: Did you just call me man?
HuMan My bad, listening to Floyd all day long has increased the size of my head three fold and now I fancy myself bigger than you Gee.
God: You must be Floyd in the guise of, ****, I see your boss coming, you should go..now!
HuMan: Kay, bye Gee.
God: Buy Man!

185 days ago


odd. I can't sleep with briefs on. I doubt that tights would work for me. Maybe Mayweather has a smaller tool then I do?

185 days ago


hahah.. that's gonna be his excuse for having a small package via the word his ex-fiancee put out. This dude is just hella ignorant. If you idolize this guy, you are ignorant too.

184 days ago


hahahaha what man would want lil boi balls smh ill stick to my boxers sorry bruh

184 days ago

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