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Bryan Singer Accuser

Alleged Sex Abuse Victim

Accuses 3 More Hollywood Honchos

4/21/2014 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who has sued "X-Men" director Bryan Singer -- claiming he was sexually assaulted when he was 15 -- has just filed lawsuits against 3 other Hollywood big wigs, also claiming sexual assault.

The 3 men named in the new lawsuit are Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard

Ancier has a slew of hits under his belt, including The Ricki Lake Show, which he created.  He headed up the Fox entertainment group and produced 21 Jump Street, Married ... with Children, The Simpsons and In Living Color.  He also developed Home Improvement at Disney.  And at NBC he put The West Wing on the air.

Neuman is the former president of Disney TV.  Goddard produced off-Broadway shows. 

According to the new lawsuits, Ancier sexually abused Egan numerous times by sodomizing him, forcing oral sex and fondling him -- when he was 15 at an Encino estate.   The suit goes on to allege Ancier sexually abused Egan in Hawaii 2 years later.

The suit against Goddard and Neuman are similar -- alleging they were part of a Hollywood sex ring, giving Egan alcohol and drugs and sexually assaulted him at the Encino estate and in Hawaii.

Michael Egan -- now 31 -- and his lawyer, Jeff Herman are holding a news conference detailing the new allegations. 

Egan's mother, Bonnie, sobbed uncontrollably as she tried explaining why she let her son go to adult parties and on trips to Hawaii.  She said the alleged abusers seemed like nice people.

The state of Hawaii has allowed alleged victims of sexual assault to sue, even if the statute of limitations has long since expired -- but the deadline for filing is Thursday.



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I just hope he's not lying that hurts victims everywhere

183 days ago


Too much this kid is lying I hate to ever say a victim is lying but this kid is coming out with more and more stories everyday.

183 days ago

Mary P    

This just makes me question the initial complaints that led to charges and civil judgment in his favor.

183 days ago


Nut job about to jump the shark!

183 days ago


This twink hustler deserves nothing. He was already paid for his @nal services

183 days ago


age of consent in Hawaii is 16 numb nuts

183 days ago


I hope that Tim McGraw is finally called out for his taste in men. His dalliances all over Nashville and LA are another example.

183 days ago


Hollywood has been protected long enough !!! Open the closet door and oppose the freaks!!

183 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He has a better chance of accusing FOX of raping the X-Men franchise than winning this case because there's hard evidence via film, dvd's or downloadable online content and there's millions of witnesses that actually watched the damn movies.

183 days ago


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From the film "Hollywood Hotel" (1937)

183 days ago


Please be Spielberg, please be Spielberg....

183 days ago


If this guy is lying I hope they all sue his butt for everything he is worth. In our society today it is actually better to be thought of as a murderer than a child molester. So when someone makes false accusations that should be kept in mind when punishing him.

183 days ago


This guy is dropping names like he was a penile pin cushion back in the day.

I hate to say he's lying, because it is awful what happened if it is the truth, but this all isn't really passing the smell test as of right now.

183 days ago


What about the small wigs?

183 days ago


Go Big Or
Go Home.

183 days ago
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