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Chris Brown

Stuck in Jail 'Til June ... At Least

4/23/2014 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_chris_brown_tmzChris Brown will rot behind bars until June -- at the very least -- because the singer's latest bid for freedom was just DENIED.

Brown -- who was jailed last month after getting booted from rehab -- was flown to D.C. and promptly jailed  as he awaited trial in his assault case.

The trial was supposed to start today ... but it was just postponed until June.

Brown asked the judge in the Rihanna beating case to release him, but the judge just shut him down.

Translation: Brown will soon be flown back to L.A. -- where he'll remain in jail until June ... at the very least.  It looks like he'll be flown back to D.C. on Con air ... a trip way worse than economy.

The stakes are high ... if Brown is convicted in D.C. ... the judge in the Rihanna case could violate his probation and sentence Brown to four years in PRISON.



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I'm jumping for joy knowing this habitual abuser is locked up.
I feel like I'm in a room without a roof...

128 days ago


At the end of the day only GOD can judge him so I stand by him in spite of what he do or what's going on !!! I just hope & pray that when he is released in June ( Lords will) that he have learned his lesson because at sometime in our lives we must learn ! It's Chris time to learn a good lesson smh

128 days ago


Sentenced for 4 yrs but will only have to complete 4 months, thats how the L.A prison system seems to work with these celebs....Loved his music, but he is a ****y prick that should have been locked up awile....but we all know it was just a matter of time before he beat someone up again.

128 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

He's probably enjoying jail, being around people of his own kind... You know what I'm talking about, right? People that enjoy beating other people for no reason, people weaker than themselves.... Ha ha he also probably enjoys getting anally raped.

128 days ago


Well i guess it is time he grows up and realizes he cant go around hitting people......

128 days ago

constance gibson    

Wow! CB should at least be released until his trial. Too famous to hide. Is this how we handle our youth with emotional problems? Thinking back to the overt unfairness of trial of Trayvon Martin murder.

128 days ago


Tmz why did you post this story before you found out why it was postponed. Or did you intentionally leave out the most important part of the story

128 days ago


There is no Bubba. There hasn't been a Bubba for years. I'm sorry all your prison rape fantasies are ruined.

128 days ago

Stars work but the heros are below jobs    

Enjoy the jail oatmeal and luke warm 1% milk.

128 days ago


Hahaha no getting out of jail card for you! 👋 bye Felicia

128 days ago


No bail, eh? Is this kid really a flight risk or a direct danger to society? He's a douche, but I'd rather see him sitting at home on his own dime waiting for court rather than living off my tax-dollar while sitting in jail.

128 days ago


Good, leave him there forever, he's finally where he belongs!
Guess he doesn't do a good enough job blowing the judges and prosecutors...maybe he should call Lohan and get some tips.

128 days ago

Caylan Turner    

Let me see, charlie sheen holds knives to women's throats; threatens them while they're on the phone with 911; you got non blacks slaying black people on a daily in Florida; voting rights are being removed & blocked in certain states as we breathe right now, NO ONE has been bheld accountable on Wall Street for nearly bankrupting the country & these @$$holes think the best way to use taxpayer's money is to keep Chris Brown locked up...Black folks if you don't recognize the regime of the United States of America when it comes to our black males, if the world is still around in the next two to three hundred years, slavery will be back in full effect. Real talk!

128 days ago

Hans Gruber    

How many chances did this guy get?

128 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I hope he gets an opportunity (if he ever gets out of jail ha ha) to read all these mean comments, and he realizes that everyone is laughing at him and hates him. I bet he would get REALLY mad and start beating someone ha ha.

128 days ago
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