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Chris Brown

Stuck in Jail 'Til June ... At Least

4/23/2014 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_chris_brown_tmzChris Brown will rot behind bars until June -- at the very least -- because the singer's latest bid for freedom was just DENIED.

Brown -- who was jailed last month after getting booted from rehab -- was flown to D.C. and promptly jailed  as he awaited trial in his assault case.

The trial was supposed to start today ... but it was just postponed until June.

Brown asked the judge in the Rihanna beating case to release him, but the judge just shut him down.

Translation: Brown will soon be flown back to L.A. -- where he'll remain in jail until June ... at the very least.  It looks like he'll be flown back to D.C. on Con air ... a trip way worse than economy.

The stakes are high ... if Brown is convicted in D.C. ... the judge in the Rihanna case could violate his probation and sentence Brown to four years in PRISON.



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To KASUWELL...REALLY DUDE He beats women. Nothing but a THUG. Well really just a typical........

191 days ago


I'm glad he is stuck in gives him some time to think. The justice system is tired of him and so is the public. He is just a thug.

191 days ago


I would like to see him in jail for those 4 years...maybe he would straighten up.

191 days ago


Good..................hopefully he keeps screwing up and they may finally send him to prison for awhile. Maybe, just maybe, he could possibly learn stop being so stupid?

191 days ago


I think he's getting a raw deal because, he's chris brown, I've never seen no one go through this much bein on probation. He caught his charge aug.of 09 nearly five yes ago and people talk about it as if it just happened or it happened too them

191 days ago


I think this judge has it in for chris brown, but let's face it, he let's him sit in jail til his June court date, then he Flys back to dc too stand trail, he ask for a postponement by the time he appears in court again he'd be off probation.he does earn 5 days a month while locked up for staying out of do the math if he probation ends aug.of this yr.he been locked up since when, that's right he'll be off probation sometime in June or July, good luck cb, and **** your haters

191 days ago


This is a shame and we all know whats going on, This man does not need to be in jail, he needs help. Every body is looking for quick cash so just say a famous person hit or shove you and Bum $$$$$$$, WHY WAS THIS GUY GOING INTO THE TOUR BUS? Yes the body guard got to him but why bring Chris into it? he is the one with the money. GEORGE zIMMERMAN KILLED A YOUNG MAN FOR NO GOOD REASON AND HE IS ON THE STREET.BLACK JUSTICE , AND WHITE JUSTICE ARE DIFFERENT.Just like OJ DOING TIME FOR HIS OWN STUFF.Race will always play a role in who walks and who do time.

191 days ago



191 days ago


He need to be within his family, he does need help, he need someone thats gonna actually sit and talk to him anf listen

191 days ago

Arenal WestAre    

Free Brown

190 days ago


Serves him right.

190 days ago


Bravo - women beater should do hard time

190 days ago

first power    

He going to remain in jail for the next several years.He be free 2017 or 2018,when he's release he still will be place on some kind of attachment,along with medicine management to make sure he stay and take his Med properly and responsible.The way Rihanna looked in her photos,he should have served and been sentence to a stiff penalty sentence when he beat the mess out the young lady,He beat Frank Ocean up badly till blood gush from him also,and had a bottle thrown match with Hip Hop Artist Drake,which lead to other party goers injured and assaulted.And what he did to his mother was unexceptable,throwing brick at that women was disrespectful that lead her car window being busted out,which lead her to drive iunder dangerous conditions.What he did to Robin Roberts was so nasty throwing a window out of the New York Studio (Good Morning America) window burst with glass unto the busy new York streets,He bullies people everywhere he goes,he snatch the chain and phone from a fan last year and almost broke the male neck,after leaving a club which lead to club loers injured again which a young lady almos broke her leg,and what Chris Brown and Mr.Hollosy did to Mr.Parker in Washington DC. was know shock because as you all do yall research on the Web-site (Youtube) you see how Chris Brown and his bodyguards go around and beat up on people and bully them.Chris Brown is in a gang alone with his family and friends are animals that run around America like animal with rabbies,and it scares me to know that what he done to these people,could have happen to me you and anyone else.Just knowing it wealthy celebrities out here with money can really destroy a citizen life by a blink of eye,whenever they choose,so thank God we have Law Enforcement,Courthouses that Has the best Judges,and knowing they fed up too is a relief and give me a since of security and feel that I can fly free and live in peace, because I feel a lot of our viloence stems from Hip Hop Artist and there family in the inner cities ,counties and States,which they just don't respect America,and that's sad when you don't respect your home,FEDS thanks for stepping up and dealing with these criminals who been getting away with crime and making our streets unsafe for me and our families and dear friends.Chris Brown has a problem with his hands,hitting and he has problem with that tounge mouth of his,he uses Gay slurrs and call people out and tease people on the way they talk and walk,like gosh everybody not the same,so he deserves everything he's getting,and Ii can't wait till the day he sentence for his remainder 4 year sentence,and hope he denied release on May 1,2014.His Lawyer feels it's a bit to much,look what all these assault and crime his client has commited,it's like his Lawyer is just as worse as Chris and his gang.Chris had chance to get it right so many chances,and like he said out his own mouth,He say,he gangsta living the thug life,so enjoy what thuggs go threw,which is hell and a life of crime.So I feel he deserve to stay in jail for the next 4 years.I can't believe his Lawyer keep asking for his release Washington DC and L.A,like do you think these Judges appreciate the harm and fear that Chris cast upon United States citizens,Do research people and it will confirm all I say too you all,Chris is a meace to society and he's a liar him and his bodyguards,anyone agree with Chris Brown and support him is just as worse or damage and brainwash and has no respect for their selves and the victims that hurting from Chris Brown harming them mentally and physically.So I say have heart and don't except nobody too abuse you or control you under know cir***stances,so peace and love to you all.

190 days ago

first power    

4 years To: Chris Brown #Bravo

190 days ago


Looks like he is FINALLY getting what he deserves - prison time! We keep reading about him and his evil temperament, beating Rhianna, evading police and violating his probation time after time after time. Enough is Enough! We have HAD it with this low life s***! Hope he gets the MAX prison time!

190 days ago
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